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Shop top quality Levels measuring layout tools at best price. Shop Levels measuring layout tools from numerous leading brands like Bosch, Fluke, Freemans, Insize, JCB & Stanley

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Insize 4903 300A - 300 mm Block Level

22 % OFF
Insize 4903 200A - 200 mm Block Level

22 % OFF
Insize 4903 150A - 150 mm Block Level

22 % OFF
Insize 4910 600 - 600 mm Digital Level

39 % OFF
Kristeel SL 102 - Spirit Level

14 % OFF
Stanley STHT77625 1 - Tripod

35 % OFF
Bosch GLL 3 15 - 15 m Line Laser

13 % OFF
Insize 4917 30 - Cross Line Laser Level

24 % OFF

Buy Levels online at lowest prices in India:

Levels are the form of measuring and layout tools. They come under the category of testing and measuring instruments. Measuring and layout tools comprise of various types like angle measures, bevel gauges, dial callipers, levels, micrometres, calibrators, squares, weighing scales, etc. The gauges are mostly used in woodworking industries. Layout tools are used in laying out workpieces to scribe the line, centre punch, measure lengths and angles & circles. Measuring tools are used for measuring the physical quantity of objects. Few of its, e.g. includes rulers, tape measures, angle finders, digital bevel square, etc. The importance these tools is the timely check of the device function and to detect & rectify the errors at the early stage.

Top-quality levels measuring instruments online:

Levels are also known as Spirit level meter or bubble levels. It is designed to identify whether the surface is horizontal or vertical. They are used by carpenters, stonemasons, bricklayers, trade workers or metal workers. Usually, it is in a tubular shape with the slightly curved glass with the inner diameter points. It has easy to read vials and level lines for reading from multiple angles. The modern design levels are known for high precision and accuracy. They are sturdy enough to withstand tough job site conditions.

Different types of level measuring tools available online:

Laser level meter with bubble vials - It projects a clear, horizontal laser line and spot parallel to the base. It has removable levelling stand with thumbscrews for manual levelling on uneven surface areas.

Digital angle gauge and level - It can measure or set angles or check relative angles. It has high visibility reverse contrast display for easy viewing.

Torpedo level - It is the type of spirit level suitable for tight spaces. Plumbers usually prefer the magnetic version of this type of levels that are perfect for sticking to pipes.

Magnetic torpedo level with tether ring - It includes spit ring to tether level while working at height. It has a top read level window that simplifies viewing in tight spaces.

ACCU Bend level - It ensures precise 90 degree bends and eliminates dog legs in conduit bends. It has 3 points of contact for the superior hold to conduit.

Best brands available for Levels:

There are various leading brands like Bosch, Fluke, Freemans, Insize, JCB and Stanley. Our most demanded level products include
Freemans LT - 200 mm Magnetic Torpedo Level - It has a sturdy plastic body with taper ends that slides easily into the pockets. It has a magnetic base for easy usage on steel structures.
Freemans BS - 100 mm 1 Vial Box Section Aluminum Level without Magnetic Base - It has a heavy-duty body for extra strength and improved grip. It has strong end caps for extra protection and convenient handling. It has high visibility block vial.
Freemans CL - 300 mm 2 Vial Centigraff Box Section Aluminum Level - It has an economical light profile for regular use. It has a magnetic base with a printed scale. It has a metric graduated edge for linear measurement."

Levels Price List in India 2021

Best Levels Models Price
Erma - Hand Refractometer with ATC 808
Bosch GLM 30 - 0.15 to 30 M Professional Laser Rangefinder 2,380
Bosch GLL 3 X - 15 mtrs Professional Line Laser with Protective pouch 4,947
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