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LED Flash Lights

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LED Flash Lights are also known as a spotlight with a reflector. It is a form of portable handheld electric light. It has an incandescent bulb or LED as a light source. It's components include a reflector, transparent cover, battery and switch.

Advantages of using LED Torch light:

Self-defence - It can temporarily blind the attackers if pointed directly in their eyes. As it has a sturdy and metal construction, it can be used as a non-lethal weapon to hit the attacker in self-defence.

Emergency - The quality torch proves to be a life saviour option as the user can send the signal of their locations very quickly.

Saving of phone battery - It is useful in a lot of different situations. It helps to save the battery of your phone by allowing you to use the torch in a blackout situation.

Factors to consider while selecting the flashlights:

Brightness - The brightness is usually measured in terms of lumens and lights. The standard range of lumens is about 20 - 2000 lumens.

Beam distance - It is measured in meters as a distance from flashlight to an object. It is also known as flood or throw.

Run time - It is measured in hours. Generally, it can work for 100 hours at low output mode.

Construction - It should be highly durable so that it can withstand even the tough conditions. Top-quality military or weapon-grade aluminium is the suitable materials that can be chosen.

Size - The selected flashlight should have an appropriate size to use and carry comfortably. It should be light in weight and compact in size.

Different types of flashlights:

Incandescent Bulbs - It has high brightness. The light is generated when electric current heats a tungsten filament wire that is enclosed in bulb without oxygen.

LED Lights - It is more efficient than incandescent. It works via an electrical current that passes through the microchip to generate a bright light.

High intense discharge bulbs - It has a working principle of an electric current that passes through an arranged ball of ionized gas. It is preferred for producing the very bright light with a long-lasting lifetime.

Halogen and krypton bulbs - The bulb is filled with a pressurized gas that helps in extending the life of filament inside it. They are one of the brightest flashlights available.

Shake flashlights - It is powered by electricity generated by the muscle power of the user. Thus, it doesn’t need to replace the batteries.

Headlamps - It is a convenient hands-free device preferred by hikers and bicyclist. It comes with different types of bulbs. Also, the headlamp is adjustable to various levels of brightness and angles. Thus, it becomes a perfect option for all sorts of activities. A penlight is another alternative for a headlamp that can be carried like a pen in your pockets.

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LED Flash Lights Price List in India 2021

Best LED Flash Lights Models Price
Groz LED 140 - 3 W COB Pocket Flashlight 462
Groz LED 711 - 72 W LED Light Bar 10,255
Groz LED 170 - 5 W LED Flashlight with UV and Laser 3,442
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This data was last updated on 04/14/2021