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LED Downlights

Shop authentic LED Downlights at best price on Shakedeal. Buy LED Downlights from wide range of brands like Bajaj, Dynel, Noble Electricals & Wipro - shop LED Downlights Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy LED Downlights online at the lowest prices in India

LED Downlights are the form of spotlights that are fitted into a ceiling facing the downside. They are also known as recessed, pot or can lights. The downlights are preferred for providing bright directional light. It means they can shine down broadly to light up a wide area or narrowly like a spotlight. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and finishes. The lights are made up of high-quality material, efficient performance and better visual effect. These lights are majorly applicable to indoor environments. LED downlights consume less power to deliver perfect lighting for your space. Modern LED downlights come in various finishes, from bezel or brushed aluminium to black or white ceramic material. Thus, they are very well matched with the home décor. Some of the benefits of downlights are long functional life, high energy efficiency, and suitable light colour temperature.

Advantage of Using LED Downlights:

LED Downlights produce less heat and use less energy.
They produce less heat than the traditional lights.
LED downlights to have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours and 23 years of light.
As the lifespan of LED downlights is long, there is a reduction in maintenance or replacement cost.
The surface mounted downlight comes in various colours and shades, unlike the incandescent bulbs, which come in just yellow and white.
You get the CFL downlight that comes in bright, soft and warm white shades in modern times. At the same time, the smart downlight bulbs come in multiple colours.

Different types of LED Recessed Downlight:

Commercial Downlights offer good aesthetics to residential lighting with high lumen output. The commercial downlights come in various designs, sizes, colour temperature and wattage. They provide even, high quality and clear light. Also, these lights use up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting solutions.
Diffused Downlights – They have low power consumption and save up to 75% energy compared to the halogen bulb. The lights come with an instant start functionality with no time delay. Diffused downlights are preferred for uniform lighting effect and heat & shock resistant features.
LED Matrix Downlights is a luminaire designed for entrance, sales area, exhibition halls, and utility rooms.
Panel Downlights – These surface mounted downlights have recessed installation. They give superior lighting and suit your home décor. Panel downlights come in round and square shapes and save space as they are slim, compact and lightweight.

Best-selling LED Ceiling Downlight Available Online:

Bajaj - 5W LED Downlight – This light is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It is very easy to fit and use these lights. Bajaj downlights are environment friendly as they emit zero UV rays.
Dynel Lights - 3W Focus Spotlight is a perfect combination of pleasing aesthetics and power savings. These outdoor downlights are applicable for garden light decoration use. Some of its unique features include voltage fluctuation resistance and vibration resistance.

Wide collection of best quality LED Downlights online from top brands

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LED Downlights Price List in India 2022

Best LED Downlights Models Price
Wipro CRDL11S023HP57 - 23 W Surface Mounted Circular LED Downlighter 3,023
Wipro LD80-101-XXX-60-SM - 12 W Round surface Mounted Slim LED Downlighter 1,290
Dynel Lights - 7W Focus Spotlight 638
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