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Lawn Mowers

Buy quality Lawn Mowers at best price on Shakedeal. Purchase Lawn Mowers from wide scope of various brands like Makita, KisanKraft, Max Green & Toro - shop Lawn Mowers Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Lawn Mowers online at lowest prices in India

Lawn Mowers are the form of agriculture, garden and landscaping machine. It comes with revolving blades to cut grass at even heights. The machine may have battery power or plug-in electric motor. There are various types of mowers. Smallest non-powered mowers are suitable for small residential lawns and gardens. Electrical engine-powered push mowers are used for larger residential lawns. Riding mowers are larger than push mowers and suitable for large lawns. At the same time, the largest multi-blade mowers are mounted on tractors that are designed for large expanses of grass-like golf courses and municipal parks.

Parts of lawnmowers:

Housing and wheels - Housing is a framework of mower that is made up of steel and resin-based plastic. It has heat and vibration properties. The wheels are used for safely covering all parts of the machine and protects the engine of mower.

Carburetor - It is a part of an internal combustion engine that is used for mixing fuel and air.

Air filter - It is used for protecting the internal components of the engine from dirt and debris. It helps in keeping the trash out from the carburetor. Thus, it helps in the proper mixing of gasoline and air.

Blades - They come with sharp edges and spin on a vertical axis. It works on high velocity and cut through the grass at a much faster rate. The multi-blade machine has a complex blade arrangement that is suitable for large commercial cutting jobs.

Lubrication system - While the engine runs, the machine generates a large amount of friction and produces high heat. The temperature causes components to expand and create more friction. Thus, there is a need of lubrication system to keep the engine cool and well oiled.

Types of lawn mower machine:

Self Propelled lawn mower - It has a speed control lever that helps in moving the machine forward. User doesn’t need to move the mower manually and have to walk behind it. It is mostly a gas-powered machine.

Manual - It is an environment friendly machine. It requires less maintenance and its blades don’t require extra sharpening. As it doesn’t depend on the engine, there is no starter problem while operating it. As it is light in weight, it is easy to use. It has a noiseless operation and requires less space to store.

Electric - It has two types cord and cordless. Cord type derives power from an electric outlet and cordless machine works on a rechargeable battery. Electric lawn mower is suitable for all types of lawn, grass garden, shrubs, etc. It can run for longer hours and has ergonomic functioning that makes it easy to use.

Gas Powered - It requires manual pull to start the machine. It is equipped with the tank that has to be filled regularly with gasoline. It is useful for large lawns.

Battery operated - It is powered by rechargeable batteries that are to be charged before use. It is light in weight and makes less noise.

Push - It is also known as push reel mower. The user needs to push the machine manually for a precise and clean cut. It is environment friendly and can cut the grass like scissors. It has blades that rotate vertically from north to south.

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Lawn Mowers Price List in India 2022

Best Lawn Mowers Models Price
KisanKraft KK-LMM-350 - 350 mm Manual Lawn Mower 4,455
KisanKraft KK-LMM-450 - 450 mm Manual Lawn Mower 7,901
KisanKraft KK-LME-1800 - 2.4hp Electric Manual Push Lawn Mower 30,357
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