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Lab Equipment

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Sesw - 3500 RPM Centrifuge

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Sesw - 4000 RPM Laboratory Stirrer

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Insize ISP Z3015 - 10X Profile Projector

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Buy Lab Equipment online – Choose from Lab Equipment list at Shakedeal.com:

Lab equipment is the tools used by scientists working in laboratories. The standard tools include Bunsen burners and microscopes while the speciality equipment includes operant conditioning chambers, calorimeter, etc. Various other equipment includes a microscope, incubators, cabinets, chambers, furnaces, germinators, etc.

Different types of Laboratory equipment and their uses:

Lab consumables - Cleaning swabs, cleaning wipes and cleanroom bags are some of the types of lab consumables. They come in both disposable and reusable form. They are made up of high-quality material and can be used for various laboratory applications.

Lab utensils - Laboratory brushes are the form of lab utensils. It is used for cleaning test tubes and narrow mouth lab glassware such as graduated cylinder, burette and flasks.

Lab products - Folding magnifier with illumination, PH meter, digital vernier calliper, wind vane, stirrer, condenser clamp, etc comes in the category of lab products.

Chambers - There are two types of chambers: Environmental and mortuary.
Environmental chambers are used to study the effects of different parameters such as humidity, temperature, lights, etc.
Mortuary chambers are designed for storing cadaverous under cool condition to avoid decomposition.

Furnaces - It performs many vital functions. They come under the convection appliance that is widely used in manufacturing industries. They are of 2 types - high temperature and muffle.
A high-temperature furnace is capable of reaching a high temperature between 1400 to 1800 degree Celcius. Tube furnace and box furnace are its types.
Muffle - It is used to isolate the subject material from the fuel and all the combustion products including gas and flying ash.

Germinators - Seed germinator is a device used for germinating seeds. It helps in creating an environment such as light, humidity and temperature in a controlled range for providing optimum condition. It helps in proper germination of seeds.

High-quality brand for lab instruments available online:

There is a wide range of lab equipment brands available online namely blue star, insize, jainco, ozar, remi and tanco. Some of our top selling products include -
Insize folding magnifier with illumination - It has a glass lens with the powered batteries.
Jainco objective lens for microscope - It is an ideal option for school, college, and pathology lab microscopes."

Lab Equipment Price List in India 2022

Best Lab Equipment Models Price
Sesw - 2 litres Stainless Steel Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate Magnetic Bead 1,581
Sesw - 3500 RPM Centrifuge 1,504
Sesw - 3500 RPM, 4 Tube Square Centrifuge 1,609
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