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Buy Knitted Gloves online at lowest prices in India

Knitted hand gloves are known for providing the desired magnitude of protection. It has high breathability and flexibility due to the composite fibre threads knitted in the loops. It is skin-friendly and doesn’t create any friction or irritation. Thus, it can be used for a longer time. It is made up of different materials like natural fibres, synthetic fibres, human-made or manufactured fibres, blend of synthetic and natural fibres, etc. Also, it comes in different weights like lightweight, medium weight or heavyweight type.

Types of gloves based on materials:

Basically, there are three types of fibre types used for construction. They are namely -

Natural fibre - Cotton knitted gloves are one of the most used natural fibre type that has good absorbency and comfort-enhancing qualities. Wool is the other fibre that is preferred for its thermal properties.

Human-made/synthetic fibre - Nylon is one of the common fibre used for making the knit gloves. It is light in weight and has low absorbency. It dries very quickly and is resistant to dirt, chemical, and perspiration. Polyester is another strong fibre that is resistant to stretching or shrinkage. It is reusable and washable.

Blend of natural and synthetic fibre - The combination of nylon or polyester fibre with cotton can prove to be durable and robust that helps in maintaining comfort.

Types of gloves based on weight:

Lightweight to medium weight - They comes with the weight range of 15 to 7 gauge. The gloves have a good degree of dexterity. The gloves have resistance to dirt, abrasion or wear.

Heavyweight - It is preferred for enhanced protection and high durability. It also provides good resistance to heat.

Terrycloth - It has soft and highly absorbent properties. It is cut and abrasion-resistant type of glove that offers a better grip to grease and oil applications.

Lisle - It is lightweight gloves knitted with cotton thread that gives a smooth finish.

Cleanroom - It is suitable for controlled environments. It is made from knitted low lint fibres and threads such as nylon. It is used to reduce contamination due to dust and dirt particles.

Additional selection parameters:

Colour - It is good to go for the darker shades as it helps in hiding the grimes of dirt. Thus, it extends the use of gloves by reducing disposal.

Reversible - These days you can find the knitted gloves made of seamless design and construction. Thus, it can be used in either hand and extend the life of the gloves. It simplifies not only the dispensing process but also the sorting one.

Cuff type - Knit wrist cuffs help in keeping the gloves firm in one place and improve the dexterity and comfort. It offers extra protection to the wrist of the wearer.

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Knitted Gloves Price List in India 2021

Best Knitted Gloves Models Price
Midas - 600 grams, Pack of 24 Pairs Blue Dotted Hand Gloves 297
Midas - Pack of 48 Pieces Cotton Hand Gloves 516
Midas - Pack of 12 Pairs, Blue Nitral Cuff Hand Gloves 1,097
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