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Karam Harnesses

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Karam Magna 3 - Magna Full body Harness Belt
Karam PN 41(02) - Rhino Tower Harness Belt
Karam PN 42(03) - Rhino Tower Harness Belt
Karam PN 94 - Elasto Harness Belt
Karam PN 94 - Elasto Harness Belt

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Buy Karam Safety Harnesses & Belts online in India at best prices:

Karam Safety Harnesses & Belts have a vast range suitable for different types of applications. They are equipped with the ergonomic design and technically sound features. It is an ideal choice for a comfortable experience for the work projects at greater heights. There is a work positioning body belt that allows the user to get a well-supported position to work with both hands-free.

Work positioning belt, Magna harnesses, techno series, rhino harnesses, vest harness are few of its types.

Full body Safety harness helps in distributing the force of impact evenly across the thighs and other torso regions of the body after falling from a height. It is made up of polyester. There is an optimum stretching of the harness; thus, no risk of slipping out from the equipment after falling.

Harnesses & Belts - Karam available online:

Karam Safety Belt PN 56 - It is a full-body harness belt used by professional workers. It has a webbing made up of polyester material. It gives you extra comfort and support and to work with ease and without having fear in mind of falling from greater heights. It is flexible and durable.

Karam PN 03 Slim Work Positioning Belt - It helps the workers to work at the heights with hands-free. Also, workers can carry their tools at heights. It has an adjustable buckle to adjust for comfort.

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