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IT & Electronics

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3M Cogent
3M Cogent CSD 200 - Fingerprint Scanner

53 % OFF
Zebra ZXP3 - PVC Aadhar ID Card Printer

30 % OFF
Evolis - Primacy PVC Card Printer

40 % OFF
TVS Gold Prime - USB Keyboard

32 % OFF
Greenbit Dactyscan 84C - Fingerprint Scanner

32 % OFF
TSC TTP 244 PRO - USB Barcode Printer

40 % OFF
TVS Gold Bharat - PS2 Keyboard

17 % OFF
TP-Link TL-ER7206 - VPN Router

15 % OFF
TVS MSP 245 - Dot Matrix Printer

40 % OFF

Buy IT & Electronics Equipments online – Choose from IT & Electronics Equipments online

IT & Electronics Equipment comprises computer hardware and software, operating systems, web-based applications, telephones, telecommunications, video cameras, and office products like fax machines and photocopiers. They are widely used in information processing and signal transmission. IT and Electronics Equipment are commonly used in design, production, installation, testing, service and controlling the electronic system. It is majorly applicable for the sectors like commercial, residential and industrial.

Different types of IT & Electronics Equipment:

Hard Disks – It is a fixed disk in the form of an electromechanical data storage device. It is flat, and circular plate usually made up of aluminium or glass coated with magnetic material. It can store up to several gigabytes of data over its surface in concentric tracks. Floppy disc and optical discs are some of its types. It is the computer's primary storage device and controls the reading, writing, and positioning of the data.

Intercoms & Speakers – It is a 2-way communication electronic device for transmitting and receiving audio or video signals. Intercom system comes with a microphone and speaker. It is generally required at the larger space like a warehouse, retail store and fabrication plants. The commercial types are applicable to use with the video intercom equipment, megaphones and wireless call boxes to improve the communication in the industry space. They are most commonly used in buildings and vehicles connected to loudspeaker system, walkie talkie and telephones.

Keyboards – It is the operator's input device to enter letters, words, numbers, and symbols into the computer. It is the most used input device for typing and entering the data into the system. It can be either wired or wireless. Some of its unique features include portability, backlit, mini and mechanical structure. It is used for various applications like gaming, graphic designing and typing.
Laptops & Desktops – Desktop is suitable for office use where the computer is connected with various other components like monitor, keyboard, mouse and CPU. In comparison, the laptop is a system that comes with built-in components suitable for all environments. Laptops is widely used for work, education, playing games, browsing, computer use, etc. While the desktop computer is used for regular use in a single location near the table or desk.

Mouse – It is a hand-held pointing device used for moving the pointer on display. It has a smooth control on the pointer over the user interface of the computer. It mostly comes with one or two buttons to select the function in menu options on display. The mouse comes with a touch surface and scroll wheels to add the control or dimensional input in work.

Printers – It is used for printing the graphics or text on a paper. It works on the processing of input command on the computer or other device to print the document. 3d printer, inkjet printer, laser printer, a thermal printer is some of the types. It is also used for scanning and copying high-quality texts or images other than printing. Print speed, quality, duty cycle, type, ink, scanner resolution, network connectivity and memory card compatibility are certain features to consider while selecting the printer machine.

Computer Components & Accessories – Computer component includes a system unit, mouse, keyboard and monitor. Simultaneously, computer accessories include network card, modem, printer, scanner, speaker and webcam. These are added to perform the additional function.

Cameras & Accessories – It is an optical instrument used for capturing the image. Some of its accessories include care, protection, special effects and functions. External flash, bag, UV filters, batteries, sd and memory card, tripod, wireless remote control are some of the camera accessories. Instant film, medium format, disposable, pinhole and bridge are some types of camera.

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IT & Electronics Price List in India 2022

Best IT & Electronics Models Price
3M Cogent CSD 200 - Fingerprint Scanner 1,609
Zebra ZXP3 - PVC Aadhar ID Card Printer 45,762
TVS LP46 Lite - Label Printer with USB Connectivity 11,991
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