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Irons, Steamers & Accessories

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Orbit - 1200 W, Purple Steam Iron

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Orbit - 1000 W, Purple Dry Iron

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Irons, Steamers and Accessories help you improve your style and give you a wrinkle-free look. They are one of the essential household appliances. The steamer is connected with the water reservoir that infuses the steam over clothing and household items like drapery and curtains. Thus, it helps in removing wrinkles and plaining the clothes. Irons use a plate to press and transfer the heat using electricity to remove the wrinkles and creases present on the cloth. Accessories are the power cord, iron cover and storage box for irons and steamers.

Comparison of Iron and Steamer:

Usually, the steaming process is quicker than the ironing process.
The effectiveness of the steamer is based on the power range and technique used.
Steaming can be done for hanging clothes easily. In comparison, ironing is done over the ironing board and is time-consuming than steaming.
Steamer not just removes the wrinkles but also purifies and freshens the fabric. While the irons only remove the wrinkles and creases of the cloth material.

Various features of Irons and Steamers:

Cord design – Check the cord's length to move the iron around the ironing board in different positions. It will help in improving the comfort of using the appliance. There is an option called a retractable cord that enhances the flexibility of using the iron.

Weight and Size – As the steamers and ironers are used daily, it is necessary to identify the number of clothes and duration for ironing them. That is why users need to check the iron or steamer's size and weight that they have selected.

Auto-shutdown feature – It is a safety feature that ensures safety when the iron is used for a longer time by automatically shutting down in some intervals.

Power wattage – Higher the wattage of the device, the more will be the heat generation. Also, it ensures the quick heat transfer process to the soleplate.

Soleplate type – It is always better to go with the non-stick soleplate iron or steamer. It is suitable even for delicate fabrics. Stainless steel and ceramic material for soleplate is a good option with the steaming iron.

Time to heat up – The ideal time taken by the steamer or iron is about 2 to 3 minutes. It will allow the user to work fast and not wait for a longer time.

Our best-selling Irons and steamers available online:

Bajaj New Popular Dry Iron – It comes with a non-stick coated soleplate that is flat and well finished. It comes with a thermal fuse to avoid sudden accidents. It has a built-in temperature control option to adjust the temperature as per the cloth material. It is lightweight and thus easy to carry. It is less complicated and also consumes less power.

Bajaj Majesty Dry Iron – It has a sturdy body and is made up of good quality durable plastic. The plate of iron is made up of stainless steel material. It has a super clean surface finish and an attractive design. The iron comes with an auto shut off feature to avoid overheating issue.

Orbit 1000 W Dry Iron Box – It comes with a soleplate that is coated with the Teflon material. It comes with a temperature setting feature to adjust the temperature according to the cloth material.

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Irons, Steamers & Accessories Price List in India 2021

Best Irons, Steamers & Accessories Models Price
Bajaj New Popular - 750 W, White Light Weight Dry Iron 463
Bajaj DX 2 - 600 W, Grey Light Weight Dry Iron 430
Bajaj DX 2 - 600 W, Black Light Weight Dry Iron 430
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