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Infrared Thermometers

Buy top quality Infrared Thermometers at best price. Pick Infrared Thermometers from numerous brands like Amprobe, CEM, Flir, Fluke, Groz, HTC & MECO.

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Kusam Meco
Kusam Meco IRL 900 - Infrared Thermometer

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Kusam Meco
Kusam Meco IRL 380 - 9 V Infrared Thermometer

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Kusam Meco
Kusam Meco KM 690 - 500 Ms Infrared Thermometer

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Fluke VT04A - Visual IR Thermometer

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Kusam Meco
Kusam Meco KM 6503 - 1.5 V Food Thermometer

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Amprobe IR 720 - Infrared Thermometer

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Amprobe IR 750 - Infrared Thermometer

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Amprobe IR 730 - Infrared Thermometer

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Buy Infrared Thermometer online at lowest prices in India

Infrared thermometers detect temperature from black body radiation emitted by an object. It is also called as laser thermometers for the fact that it uses a laser to aim the object. It is used in a variety of temperature monitoring applications. It is mostly used for checking hot spots in electrical equipment, and fire-fighting jobs. These temperature measuring instruments are used at airports extensively to check incoming travelers for fever in the event of an epidemic like SARS or Ebola outbreak. These temperature guns are known for their accuracy and angular coverage. Generic temperature measuring instruments have a measurement error of about ±2 °C or ±4 °F.

Types of industries/applications where the IR Thermometers are used:

Industrial/Electrical - It is used to monitor steam systems, boiler operations, motor engine cooling systems performance, detection of hot spots in the electric system, panels, and motor bearings. A few of the types of industries where it is used are food, paper, rubber, textiles, veterinary, etc.

Heating and air conditioning - Monitor furnace and duct leakage, detect insulation breakdown, check ceilings, walls, and floors for proper room temperature, heat loss, and gain.

Food safety - Used to easily take the temperature of products moving on the conveyor belts those are hard to reach. It is usually used for verifying the equipment performance sanitation and process temperature conditions.

Agriculture - To monitor plant temperature for stress, and animal bedding to detect the spoiling.

Fire safety - To detect hot spots in the walls, floors, etc. after the fire is extinguished.

Infrared Pyrometer - The standard type of IR Thermometer available online:

It is the type of device that is used to measure the temperature of an object from the radiation emitted by the object. It can handle the thermal radiation in the infrared region usually 2 - 14 um. The radiation is directed at the thermocouple that is capable of producing the electric current when it is partly heated. It is usually made up of pyroelectric materials like polyvinylidene fluoride and lithium tantalate

Wide Range of Infrared Thermometers available online at Shakedeal:

Digital thermometer: These are temperature sensing instruments that are easily portable and possess a bright digital display. It includes various sensor types like RTD, thermocouple, and thermistor.

Non-contact infrared thermometer: This type of temperature measuring device is used to measure the temperature with minimal or no contact with the person. It is usually placed 15 cm away from the patient.

Laser thermometer: It uses a lens to focus the light from one object to the detector.

Infrared thermometer with laser pointer: This type of device is used to measure temperature without contact to determine the object emitting the infra-red radiation with the laser light.

Compact infrared thermometer: It is compact, portable, can scan surfaces for hot spots, easy to use, laser sighting at the centre of target areas.

Best Selling Branded Infrared Thermometer in India:

1. Kusam Meco IRL 380 Infrared Thermometer – This brand instrument infers the temperature from a portion of the thermal radiation. It is a type of laser thermoscope.

2. Waco MT 2A - 50 to 380 Degree Celsius Single Laser Infrared Thermometer – With the help of this device, you can measure the temperature without bringing the object in contact with the device. It possesses a single laser for precise targeting. It is well known for its compact design and accurate temperature measurement.

3. HTC MT 4 - 550 Deg C Infrared Thermometer – It consists of LCD digital display with the temperature range of 30 to 550 degree Celsius and resolution of 0.1 degree Celsius.

4. Meco infrared thermometer – It comes under professional high temp concentrated range with the temperature range of 50 to 550 degrees Celsius. The resolution is of 0.1C/0.1F.

5. Fluke infrared thermometer - Fluke infrared thermometer allows you to take temperature measurements from distance by improving the safety on the job site. Fluke offers the highest quality and functionality on the market.

Thus, know your choice of best IR thermometer by doing online shopping at wholesale rates and save huge costs in your business. Also check out our latest best-selling products are Htc mt4 infrared thermometer manual, Metravi vit-20, Kusam meco irl 1600 - 9 v digital infrared thermometer, Fluke 59 max+esp - 500-degree c infrared thermometer, Mextech pm 10 - 50 to 110 deg c digital thermometer, Metravi digital thermometer - DTM 903, Waco mt 6a - 50 to 550 degree celsius digital infrared thermometer.

Wide collection of best quality Infrared Thermometers online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Q: What are the types of infrared thermometer?
A: Digital – It is a portable type of temperature sensing instrument that possesses a bright digital display. It comes with the sensor types like RTD, thermocouple and thermistor.
Spot – It is similar to the radar gun. It is suitable to measure the surface or object's temperature that is hard to reach or touch.
Infrared Scanner System – It is in the form of a larger system. They scan the objects on the conveyor belt after manufacturing is complete for quality checking of the final product.
Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera – It is used to detect the heat of a large area and provide the 2-dimensional image. The cameras require software and hardware for accurate reading and measurement.

Q: What factors are to be considered while choosing the right infrared thermometer?
A: Accuracy, emissivity, temperature range, design, backlit display, read speed, recording and warranty are the various factors while selecting the infrared thermometer.

Q: Where can the infrared thermometer be used?
A: User can use an infrared thermometer in various sectors like industrial, heating and air conditioning, food, agriculture and fire safety.

Q: What is infrared pyrometer?
A: Infrared pyrometer is used to measure the temperature of distant objects. It can determine the temperature of the surface from a distance with the help of thermal radiation it emits.

Q: What are the uses of infrared thermometer?
A: The infrared thermometer is used in cooking, automotive repair, and detecting the weak spots in insulation and backyard safety purpose.

Q: How does the infrared thermometer work?
A: It comes with the lens to focus the infrared light emitting from the object onto a detector. This detector absorbs the light and converts it into the heat. The voltage output emerges in proportion to the incident infrared energy. The detector then uses this output to measure the temperature and display it on the screen.

Infrared Thermometers Price List in India 2022

Best Infrared Thermometers Models Price
Meco BT 99 - 5 to 8 cm Infrared Thermometer (Body, Forehead) 991
Kusam Meco IRL 1100 - 9 V Digital Infrared Thermometer 3,914
F SHIELD - 1 to 5 cm Non Contact Infrared Thermometer (Pack of 2) 1,332
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