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Impact Drills

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Impact Drills

Impact drills are the most widely used tools in the power tools category. These drills are known for their lightweight and dominant performance. The cordless impact drills have a good variety in voltage ratings such as 12 volts, 18 volts, and 20 volts. Drills with higher voltage are capable of delivering robust performance.

An impact drill, generally, has two components:

a) A standard head with a chuck (can be keyed or keyless)

b) A clutch for better adjustment of torque levels

Some impact drivers do not have a chuck in their design. They have a hex collet to serve chuck's purpose. These drivers are mainly applied for driving large fasteners. For precision drilling jobs, impact drivers may not fit the bill. They are preferred choice for tasks where a considerably large force is required.

Though cordless drills are quite popular among DIYers and professional tool users, impact drills are capable of driving screws at unbelievably fast speeds. Impact drills utilize the combined effect of bit rotation and constant force to drive screws through even some of the most robust wooden materials.

Impact drills have the potential to deliver three time more power as compared to other drills. Despite being the robust powerhouse, the impact drills are easier to use because the tool is designed to transfer high impact energy directly to the screw without putting any undue stress on the forearm of the user. For tasks which necessitate driving large quantities of screws, say a woodworking project, impact drills are the best tool.

Some top-selling impact drills are Bosch GSB 10 RE - 500W Professional Impact Drill, Josch JID 16T - 620W 16mm Impact Drill, Bosch GSB450 - 450 W Impact Drill, Hitachi DV13VSS - 13mm Impact Drill, Metabo SBE 650 - 650 W Impact Drill, and Makita DP4010 - 13mm, 2 Speed Drill.