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Buy Heat Resistant Gloves online at lowest prices in India

Heat resistant gloves are the type of safety gloves that are designed to protect the wearer’s hands from burns and injuries from hot objects, sparks, fumes, flames or high temperature in the workplace. The type of heat resistant gloves depends on the severity of heat hazard and the type of application or industry.

Types of heat resistant gloves based on the material used:

Heat resistant gloves are usually made up of Kevlar, terry knit, carbon fibre, or a combination of these materials. Based on the type of heat hazard, the worker is dealing can help in deciding the type of heat resistant glove to be used.

Kevlar - Some of the benefits of this material is it can withstand extreme temperature without melting the gloves. Kevlar heat resistant gloves have cut and flame resistant properties.

Terry Knit - It offers reliable heat protection and excellent insulation.

Leather - It can withstand up to 200 degrees F before charring. It can be used for gloves meant for welders or any other extreme heat application. It comes with an aluminized liner to deflect high temperature away from the hands.

Type of heat resistant hand gloves based on the type of application:

Aluminized - It has a coating on the back of hand and thumb to protect them from radiant heat, sparks, and molten splash away from hands. It is an ideal solution while working near kilns, pouring molten metal, and handling hot items.

Chemical resistant - It is used while transferring chemicals, working on hot pumps and valves, and working with hot and hazardous chemicals. It is made up of rubber polymer that can withstand exposure of acid, bases, solvents, chemicals, etc.

Knit - It is also known as hot mill gloves. It is made up of woven fibre and is suitable for high heat application. They are the breathable and formfitting type of gloves. It is mainly made up of the multiple pieces of fabric that are sewn together to design a glove of proper fit.

Mechanics style - It is worn while handling hot metal or performing high-temperature automotive applications. The gloves have high dexterity and are used while doing the basic task in general maintenance and repair operations.

Steam - The gloves have the layers and coatings to protect the worker from steam burns. It is done by preventing the moisture from penetrating through the gloves. It is an ideal option for workers working near high heat and steam cleaners, hot water pipes and hot hoses.

Woven fibreglass - It is made up of woven fibreglass. It protects the wearer from handling hot objects and working in extreme temperatures. It is used in foundries and while doing work in a hot workplace or manufacturing process.

Factors to consider while choosing the heat proof gloves:

The existence of degradation at workplace.

Amount of insulation required for the heat resistant gloves

The degree of temperature workers is dealing with at the workplace.

Presence of hot objects - Temperature of object and length of time to hold it by the worker.

Extend of dexterity that is required for performing the job and to decide whether to use a glove or mitts.

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