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Heat Guns

Buy robust Heat Guns at ideal price on Shakedeal. Buy Heat Guns from various driving brands like Bosch, Hikoki, Stanley, Ruhi & Makita.

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Black & Decker
Black+Decker KX1800 - 2 Speed, 1800 W Heat Gun

39 % OFF
Dongcheng DQB04-2000 - 2000 W Heat Gun

29 % OFF

Buy Heat Gun online at lowest prices in India

It is used for stripping paint and varnish, welding and shaping with the hot air element. These tools have a temperature control feature to ensure work precision. For safety, these power tools have high temperature shields so that the user is safeguarded against extreme temperatures. It is easy to use, and their convenient handling makes it easier for users to utilize the tool for various applications.It is similar to a hairdryer machine, but it operates at a high temperature. It is usually preferred in the fields of physics, chemistry, engineering and other environments like laboratories or workshops. Along with the application of peeling and drying the paint, it is also sued in electronics to de-solder the components of the circuit board. Generally, the air is discharged at temperatures ranging from 100 to 550-degree Celsius.

Construction/Parts of heat guns:

Source of heat - It is in the form of electrically heated element or a gas flame.

An Electric Fan - It is a mechanism to move the heat within the system.

Nozzle - Tube-like element that is pointing towards one direction to direct the air from the device.

Housing/Outer body - It is a form of covering to hold the components in a systematic manner.

Trigger - It is a mechanism to switch on/off the device as per the requirement.

Handle or external stand - A part that is needed when the device is to be used hands free.

Different types of uses of heat guns:

Shrink wrapping - In order to gift baskets or covering the gifts with gift cover heat guns help you in shrink wrapping for the same.

De-soldering - In electronics heat guns will help you in de-soldering the components of the circuit board. As there are many attachments the device makes it easy to direct the heat to just one component.

Paint stripping - While stripping old paint from furniture, hot air stations proves to be a better alternative to the paint solvents or harsh chemicals. Also, it is more environmentally friendly.

Weld Plastics - The process is similar to stick welding. With the help of special nozzle for the hot air station and welding rods user can weld anything right from PVC pipes to floor tiles.

Dent removal - With the help of hot air gun user can gently warm the area them apply the dry ice to quickly cool the metal contracting and popping out the dent. Never practice overheating to avoid the removal of paint.

Various types of hot air stations usage based on different parameters:

It is used as a hair dryer on steroids. It is used for home repairs, softening old paints. Also, it is used for removing all types of adhesives. It uses hot air rather than a flame to apply the heat and can even adjust the temperature for various applications. These are used for defrosting freezers, warming frosted copper pipes and drying damp surfaces.

embossing heat gun - It is a type of quick heating electric tool that can reach 600 F or more. These are also used for drying the inks or water colours.

Other types available online for your business are plastic heat gun, lamination heat gun, cordless heat gun, porter cable heat gun

Best brands available for online shopping of hot air stations at Shakedeal:

Some top-selling products are Hitachi RH600T - 2000W, Stanley STXH2000 - 2000W Variable Speed, Ruhi RHPS-HG-2000 - Heat Gun, and Bosch GHG 20 60 - 2000 W type.

Stanley heat gun – It is specialized for a lock-on switch for continuous use of the device. Also, it possesses an ergonomic handle design that helps the user comfort and convenience.

Bosch heat gun – It counts in one of the super powerful electric hot air stations. The temperature can be altered as per the requirement of different applications. It usually comes with the excessive heating protection to avoid the risk of fatal injuries.

Black Decker heat gun – It is well known for convenience and reliability. It is usually preferred for stripping paint and varnish, loosening rusted nuts and bolts, etc.

Also, check out a few of our best-selling heat guns and blowers that includes stanley heat gun 1800w, bosch ghg 20 60 - 2000 W pneumatic gun, stanley heat gun 2000w, bosch ghg 180-1800w heat gun.

Wide collection of best quality Heat Guns online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Heat Guns Price List in India 2021

Best Heat Guns Models Price
Bosch GHG-180 - 60 - 550 Degree C, 1800 W, 3 Stage Heat Gun 1,864
Black+Decker KX1800 - 2 Speed, 1800 W Heat Gun 1,101
Stanley STXH2000 - 50 to 600 Degree C, 2 Speed 2000 W Heat Gun 1,393
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