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Hearing Protection Devices

Shop quality Hearing Protection Devices at affroadable price on Shakedeal. Buy Hearing Protection Devices from various leading brands like Venus Safety, 3M & Karam - shop Hearing Protection Devices Online and buy at best prices.

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Karam EP 21 - Classic Ear Muff

6 % OFF

Buy Hearing Protection devices online at lowest prices in India

Hearing protection is one of the categories in the safety group that is essential to be considered at high noise workplace. Hearing protection devices are devices that help the user from prolonged hearing damage when exposed to hazardous noise areas. Hearing protection devices reduce the level of noise entering the ear to a large extent. It comes in different forms like ear muffs, ear plugs, electronic hearing protection devices, etc. Shakedeal offers you with these hearing protection devices along with other safety equipment like safety shoes, eye protection, fall protection, fire protection, etc.

Choose various types of hearing protection devices available online just at Shakedeal:

Earmuffs - Earmuffs are one type of safety equipment that comes under the hearing protection section. It consists of a thermoplastic or metallic headband that is fitted over the head. Cushion cups are the main part of earmuffs provided at the end of the headband and are placed over the outer part of the ears. These are recommended who work in loud activities performed in their workplace like concerts, heavy machinery, mowing, etc.

Earplugs - Earplugs are used for blocking the ear canal. Mostly they are mouldable form. Sometimes they provide less hearing protection if not appropriately inserted in the ears. Also, they are not easily visible as smaller in size and inserted inside the ear canal.

Electronic hearing protection devices – It is a type of device that reduces the noise getting inside the eardrum through the combination of electronic and structural components. It requires batteries to run the device and usually expensive from other non-electronic types of devices.

Check Shakedeal an online store for buying best earplugs and earmuff hearing protection of your choice.

Standard norms to be followed for maintaining hygiene and care while using hearing protection devices:

It is mandatory to clean the reusable hearing protection devices regularly.

The device should always be inspected if it is damaged or contains any dirt to avoid unprotected infection.

It is always recommended not to use damaged hearing protection devices to prevent from infection or irritation.

Association of Shakedeal with high-quality brands for hearing protection devices available online:

Shakedeal assures to provide high quality and high performing devices for their customers. Some of the trusted brands that you will get on Shakedeal are 3m hearing protection devices, venus hearing protection devices, Karam hearing protection devices, Midas hearing protection devices, Malcolm hearing protection devices. Few of our best-selling hearing protection devices you can check on our website are 3m 1270 corded ear plugs, venus h 303-reusable bl cord with the container, 3m

peltor earmuffs, Karam EP 02-Corded Disposable Foam Ear Plug, Karam EP 04-Corded Reusable Ear Plug. So start with your online shopping of best hearing protection equipment.

Wide collection of best quality Hearing Protection devices online from top brands at Shakedeal

India's Trusted Procurement Partner Online For Industrial Products:

Shakedeal’s strength is its pan-country presence. It ensures that industrial products and services available on a bigger scale. Get to choose from a variety of options to choose from; you will be able to get quality products at more budget rates. We are associated with the best safety industrial and MRO suppliers in various industrial regions like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Hugli, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bikaner, Chotanagpur, Visakhapatnam, Guntur belt, Gurgaon, Delhi, Meerut, Kollam, and Thiruvananthapuram. Grab the best deal at wholesale prices and avail exciting discounts on your bulk orders.

Hearing Protection Devices Price List in India 2022

Best Hearing Protection Devices Models Price
Karam EP 22 - Ear Muff Foldable Deluxe 788
Karam EP 21 - Classic Ear Muff 363
Venus Safety H-303 - Pack of 150, 29 dB Earplug 1,999
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This data was last updated on 05/25/2022