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HDPE Pipes

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Importance and uses of HDPE pipes in Industrial projects:

HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene in name. It is a flexible type of plastic pipe used for fluid, gas transfer and is often used to replace aging concrete or steel main pipelines. It is made up of thermoplastic. Due to the high level of strong molecular bond, it is preferred in high-pressure pipelines.

It is strong, durable, flexible, and lightweight. Thus when it is fitted together, there is a zero leakage rate due to its seamless nature of the supply system. It’s non-toxic, corrosion, and chemical resistant, long lifespan nature makes is suitable for trenchless installation methods. Even acids do not produce any harm to it and also it supports the temperature of the water above 100-degrees celsius. It is used for various global applications like water mains, gas mains, slurry transfer lines, agricultural irrigation and drainage lines, etc. Based on the various length and colour there are different types of this flexible plastic pipelines available namely 50mm HDPE pipe, 32mm HDPE pipe, 25mm HDPE pipe, black HDPE pipe

Advantages of using HDPE pipes in your industrial project:

Secure handling and installation of tubes as compared to other types of pipes. No need for additional fittings due to it being flexible.

It requires reduced installation costs as its flexible characteristics make it suitable for trenchless applications.

Creating heat-fused joints that are stronger as the tube itself is possible in the high density polyethylene type, which makes it virtually leak free.

It is corrosion and chemical resistant in nature. Thus, the pipeline will never rust, corrode or tuberculate. It is more suitable in mining or dredging field.

Superior flow characteristics are maintained as the surface is smoother than steel and also the smaller diameter can produce equivalent volumetric flow rate at the same pressure.

There is a fast learning curve for installers and beginners in the case of the installation process. Through the training services, installers can train their team to use this tubes in multiple applications.

It ensures safety as they are not used together as the welding is done by thermofusion welding, and thus, the protection is assured during the installation process.

It is known for efficiency in the flow of the material. As the structure of the system is flat type, it facilitates the flow of liquids into the pipes of other elements. Also, there is no accumulation of sediments or residues within them.

Various kinds of uses of High density polyethylene pipes include:

The prime use that can be met by this type of tube is to supply regular drinking water. It has been used by municipal and industrial water applications for over 50 years now. Within PPI’s building and construction division, it is used for ground source geothermal applications and is also known as geo-exchange systems or earth energy systems.

The flexible type and telecom duct type options are used as a telecom ducts.

The large quantities of this type of lines are preferred for irrigation purpose and within the sprinkler irrigation systems.

For being non corrosive in nature this type of tubes is suitable for sewerage and sewage disposal.

Some of the most trusted brands in HDPE pipes associated with Shakedeal:

Jmc HDPE pipes and Rishi HDPE pipes are available for online shopping at Shakedeal. These are well-known for high quality, durability, flexibility, strength, and long life span.

A few of our best selling products available online are Jmc 90mm HDPE pipe, jmc HDPE pipe 32mm, jmc 50mm HDPE pipe, Jmc 40mm HDPE pipe, Rishi - 6-inch x 6 meters pn 6 pe 100 hdpe pipe.

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