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Hard Disks

Shop top quality Hard Disks at best price on Shakedeal. Buy Hard Disks from various leading brands like Seagate - shop Hard Disks Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Hard Disks online at lowest prices in India

Hard Disk is a form of electro-mechanical computer storage device consisting of magnetic disks. A disk is a form of flat aluminum or glass plate with a coating of magnetic material. This device is located on the computer’s motherboard unit. Its primary function is to permanently store the data like pictures and music on the concentric tracks. The main components of the hard drive help communicate with the computer. The read/write actuator, read/write head, spindle, and platter are these components. There are two common types of hard disks – internal and external.

External hard disk – It is a separate device attached to the computer as and when required. The portable hard disk can be connected with the help of a USB port. The external drive has more storage space for files, music, pictures, etc. It is a portable device; it can be moved from one computer to another.

Internal hard disk – It is embedded inside the computer case. This disk comes in various storage sizes and also can be replaced.

Benefits of using a hard disk:

It is cheaper and readily available in the market.
Hard disk is faster than optical disk.
The hard disk has a larger capacity for storing the data.
The transfer of data is sequential on the hard disk.

Best selling hard disks available online:

Seagate - 250 GB Desktop Hard Disk – It comes with a 250 GB internal hard disk for desktop. Seagate hard disk is one of the reliable electronic equipment. Its advantages include a high transfer rate and high cache data storage.

WD Black Portable External Hard Drive has high capacity and good reliability. This WD hard disk delivers ultra-fast data transfer rates.

Seagate Slim Portable Backup Plus Black External Hard Disk – It is suitable for Mac and Windows and is connected with the help of a USB cable. It is very user friendly to do the backup files with just a single click.

Wide collection of best quality Hard Disks online from top brands

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Hard Disks Price List in India 2022

Best Hard Disks Models Price
Seagate - 1 TB Laptop Hard Disk 4,465
Seagate - 1 TB Desktop Hard Disk 3,932
Seagate - 500 GB Desktop Hard Disk 1,666
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This data was last updated on 05/21/2022