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Hand Tools

Buy quality hand tools at economical prices online. Choose from a wide range of hand tools brands on Shakedeal - Shop Hand Tools online and buy at best prices.

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Taparia 1021 - Home Tool Kit

30 % OFF
Taparia 1005 - Universal Tool Kit

27 % OFF
Taparia 1001 - Universal Tool Kit

29 % OFF
Taparia TTB 7 - 7 Drawers Tools Trolley

33 % OFF
Taparia CC-24 - 600mm Cable Cutter

31 % OFF
Baum TT01 - 3 Drawers Tool Trolley

44 % OFF
Stanley 1-95-611 - Fatmax Backpack Bag

25 % OFF
Taparia BC-24 - 600mm Bolt Cutter

36 % OFF

Buy Hand Tools online – Choose from Hand Tools list at Shakedeal.com

Hand Tools are the most common MRO goods utilized in industries. Commonly used instruments are wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, nut drivers, hammers, sledgehammers, axes, hex keys, stud removers, ratchets, pry bars, chisels, clamps, snips, sockets, socket accessories, and knives. Gadgets such as cutting tools, shears, rakes, and garden forks are also classified as other forms existing in market. You need to have suitable devices to complete either a home improvement job or do simple, quick fixes. You can find a host of manual equipment catering to your needs in one place - Shakedeal.

Get the ultimate place to buy the best hand tools online in India:

ShakeDeal understands the assortment of instruments required to cater to every single maintenance/repair need and has built its database to accommodate all such devices. Options such as adjustable spanners, screwdrivers, and pliers are a must-have for every project. Whether you need to work on different sized fasteners or carry out simple tasks such as tightening or loosening screws, you need these manual devices to complete those jobs.

Choose Shakedeal for your multi-purpose needs. Get more out of your project using manual devices and accessories crafted for precision and perfection. With the right selection, you are equipped enough to take on jobs with confidence. Shakedeal believes in providing you with the best products for your needs. You can also find a wide range of accessories such as hammer accessories, concrete tool accessories, hand riveter accessories, socket wrench accessories, and much more at Shakedeal.

Extensive range of hand tools available online for different needs and uses just at Shakedeal:

This category of devices is the equipment required for both professional and personal tasks and projects. Shakedeal offers almost all range of manual device products for their customers. Some of the main categories include tool kits and storage, spanners and wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, chisels, etc. Let’s see the brief information about a few of the most commonly used instruments:

1. Tool kits and Storage – It is the package or a combination of devices and accessories that are required for repair or fixing of the objects. Based on the different usage, there are various types of tool kits available at Shakedeal. Those are, namely car tool kits, impact driver sets, plumber tool kits, professional tool kits, etc.

2. Spanners and Wrenches – It is a device that is used to provide a soft grip for rotating or turning the object such as nuts and bolts. Types of spanners include adjustable, box, C shaped, four-way wheel, tubular box, ratchet spanner set, etc. Types of wrenches include chain pipe, cross rim, folding, hex key, etc.

3. Screwdrivers – It is the device that is used for screwing and unscrewing the screws. They vary based on the uses like go through, insulated, multibit, poker, slotted, etc.

4. Hammers – It is the type that possess a weighted head fixed to a long handle to deliver the force impact to the small area of an object. A few of its types are axes, chipping, claw, club, fiberglass, plastic, etc.

Few of the other types of manual device available online are woodworking hand tools, carpenter hand tools, construction tools, car spanner set, screwdrivers, chisels, wrench set, pliers, hammers.

Best brands of high quality Hand tools for online shopping associated with Shakedeal:

ShakeDeal has tied up with the biggest hand tools brands such as taparia hand tools, venus hand tools, kisankraft hand tools, ambika hand tools, bosch hand tools, etc. bringing you a full and exhaustive list of products to choose from for your business' sourcing requirements. A few of our best-selling hand tools products are Taparia tool box ptb 16, taparia 1005 universal tool kit, taparia 1021-home tool kit, kisankraft kk atp 9210 - 2.4 meters’ telescopic tree pruner, taparia t-8 - 75mm torx screw driver, stanley 70-964e - 12pc combination spanner set, Venus bucket grease pump etc.

It is necessary for you to have the right selection for your project by understanding your requirements depending upon the various parameters like size, quantity, budget, application, etc. Buying guides will help you with this concern online at Shakedeal.

Exciting offers and discounts on all types of products available online at Shakedeal:

At ShakeDeal, one can find the best quality industrial products at wholesale prices. In the case of a bulk inquiry, please try out our 'bulk buy' button to start a negotiation/sourcing event that will help you get the best rates for your procurement needs.

India's Trusted Procurement Partner Online For Industrial Products:

Shakedeal is known for delivering superior service and buying experience to its customers. Get exclusive prices on all industrial and MRO supplies online. Get the best services from our pan India dealer and distributor network in top cities, including Delhi National Capital Region, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

Hand Tools Price List in India 2022

Best Hand Tools Models Price
Stanley STMT81243 - 110 Pieces Multi Tool Set 8,472
Taparia SA46 - 1/4 Inch Square Drive Socket Set 1,453
Taparia 1021 - Home Tool Kit 2,034
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