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For better craft, better tools are needed. Hammers are robust, heavy duty tools used widely in construction, logistics, and warehousing.

Rotary Hammers: Rotary hammers are heavy duty machines designed to drill into tough concrete and another masonry. It perfectly blends the hammer mechanism with a separate rotation mechanism.

Demolition Hammers: Construction activities related to infrastructure and housing involve a significant amount of concrete drilling and demolishing. The marketplace is awash with a variety of tools, and it makes choosing the right tool a daunting task. You would require sturdy and robust tools for concrete, masonry and tile drilling. For all types of demolition activities, demolition hammers are the preferred choice. Demolition hammers are also known as stomping hammers and chisel hammers. Demolition hammers are the power tools meant for demolishing structures. These powerful tools are strong enough to break down a variety of materials starting from wooden walls to concrete and tile flooring. These hammers can concentrate high impact energy on a specific area and are more effective than sledgehammers for bigger demolition tasks.

Combination Hammers: Combination hammers generally perform two functions - hammer drilling and chiseling. They are used to hammer drills into concrete and chisel tough materials. These hammers are widely used in the construction industry.