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Shop solid & strong Hammers at competitive price on Shakedeal. Buy Hammers from various leading brands like Metro, JCB, Groz, ARO & Jhalani - shop Hammers Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Hammers online at lowest prices in India

Hammers are the commonly used hand tools that are required for completing the home improvement repairs or quick fixes. It is the type of hand tools that possess a weighted head fixed to a long handle to deliver the force impact to the small area of an object. Hammers can be used in different forms like driving the nail into the wood, shaping the metal or crushing the rock. There are various types of hammers available based on the driving, and the breaking application. You can even find the other types of hand tools that are offered by Shakedeal online. They are, namely woodworking hand tools, carpenter hand tools, construction tools, car spanner set, screwdrivers, chisels, wrench sets, pliers, etc. Check our website to get the best hammer suitable for your business use.

Different types of hammers available online under one rooftop named Shakedeal:

sledge hammer – It is a type of tool that possesses large and flat metal head fixed to the long handle. Due to its flat and large design, the tool can distribute the force over a wide area. The heavy head is meant for collecting huge momentum during the swing and apply a large force, unlike other regular hammers.

Chipping hammer – It is a type of tool used to remove the slag after the arc welding process. The chipping hammer is robust and well balanced in construction.

Claw hammer – It is a type of tool used primarily for driving and pulling the nails from other objects. A claw hammer is used mostly for the woodworking project and not for hammering metal surfaces.

Ball pein hammer – It is also known as a mechanist’s hammer. It is usually preferred for a metalworking project. It has two heads, one as a flat type and another as a rounded type. It comes in different types such as a cross-peen hammer, chisel peen hammer, diagonal peen hammer, and point peen hammer.

Mallet hammer – It is a kind of hammer that is made up of rubber or wood with a relatively large head. Mallet hammer is preferred for a softened strike with the positive drive.

rubber hammer – It is a type of tool commonly used for impacting on another object and usually lighter and cheaper than a metal type hammers.

Carpenter hammer – It is a type of hammer that is used to pound the nails into wood or extract the nails from the wood. The flat side of hammer is used for pounding purpose, and claw side is used for extracting nails from the wood or other objects.

Essential parameters to be considered while selecting a suitable hammer for your business requirement:

Head’s mass or size – While choosing the hammer, the user needs to check the size of the hammerhead to select the suitable option. The flat and large type headed hammers are better for hammering the wide area objects.


Length of the handle – The length of the handle is another parameter to look into while selecting the hammer. It decides the optimum utility of the tool in a wide variety of situations.

The material used – The type of material used for the making of hammer varies for different kinds of applications. The hammers with stainless steel heads are preferable for hammering the stainless steel objects.

Wide range of high-quality brands for hammers at an affordable price available online just at Shakedeal:

Shakedeal is a common platform where you will find all types of industrial products and the accessories suitable for all kinds of business needs. You can find various best brands hammers such as taparia hammer, stanley hammer, metro hammer, jhalani hammer, eastman hammer. Some of our top-selling hammers available at Shakedeal are Metro Hammer with Handle-100 Grams, Taparia WH 340 B Ball Pein Hammer with Handle, Jhalani 8603 Cross Pein Hammer with Handle, Taparia SFH 50-330mm Soft Faced Hammer with Handle. Also, check the details and hammer price by visiting our website

Wide collection of best quality Hammers online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Shakedeal is committed to extending excellent customer service and shopping experience to its customers and partners. Get budget prices on all leading brands online. Opt for best deals and discounts on broad categories of industrial and MRO supplies from our pan India dealer and distributor network in top cities, including Delhi National Capital Region, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

Hammers Price List in India 2022

Best Hammers Models Price
Taparia WH 500 B - 500 gms Ball Pein Hammer With Handle (Pack of 2 Pcs) 477
Eastman E 2066 - 25mm Plastic Mallet Hammer (Pack of 2) 354
Taparia SHH 2700 - 2700 gms Sledge Hammer Head Only 694
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This data was last updated on 08/17/2022