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Grinders are the commonly used power tools and are part of every DIYer and power tool professional's toolkit. They are multipurpose tools which when coupled with appropriate accessories can be used across multiple projects. Grinders with length up to 5 inches are apt for DIY projects and are used mostly for carrying out smaller tasks. For heavy duty jobs, grinders with a power range up to 11 amperes are preferred.

Grinders are typically classified into two broad categories: Cordless Grinders and Corded Grinders. Cordless grinders are portable, offer mobility but score low on power as compared to their corded counterparts. Battery powered cordless grinders are suitable for small to medium jobs. They become handy in events like a power outage or breakdown when you do not get access to electricity. Cordless grinders are used for polishing, buffing and sanding purposes.

Angle grinders are chosen for cutting, grinding and polishing jobs. For cutting grooves in masonry or concrete, masonry grinders are the best bet. Angle grinders come with an adjustable guard and side handle to facilitate two-handed operation. Some angle grinders can be used as sanders. It can be done by using a sanding disc with a backing pad. In metalworking and construction industries, angle grinders frequently used.

Bench grinders have a prominent bench top and function with the help of abrasive wheels. These grinders are used mostly to perform rough grinding jobs. In metal fabrication and machine shops, these grinders are a common sight.

Die grinders are suitable for buffing, sanding, and carving tasks. Angle die grinders make minimal noise. They are chosen for polishing and grinding in high volume applications. Their compact and lightweight design makes it attractive to professionals who have to use tools for extended periods. They have safety lock feature to avoid accidental starts and can generate 25,000 RPM free speed.