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Grass Trimmers

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Grass Trimmer is a type of trimmer used for cutting the grass in the gardens and landscaping area. It has a nylon line instead of a blade to cut the grass. The propulsion system spins the wire at very high speed that it can easily cut through the grass. It is a versatile machine that comes handy and in different sizes and shapes. As the centrifugal force is applied to keep the line stiff and move it fast, the user is protected from cutting line. It has a shield that covers the head portion of grass trimmer and protects the user from thrown up debris.

Types of grass trimmers:

Grass trimmers are classified based on power sources such as -
Petrol Powered - It is most powerful as it has an internal combustion engine that can spin the wire at a faster speed. Thus, it can cut even the densest patches of grass.

Electric/Battery powered - It is suitable for smaller jobs. It comes with a cable to plug in the mains power sockets.

Grass trimmers cutting techniques:

Parallel cutting - It is one of the common methods of cutting the grass with the trimmer. It is mostly suitable for fences or walls. It is preferred for a simple and straight cut.

Tapering - It needs a tilt to cut at an angle with a leading edge. It gives a cleaner and angled look to the fenced edges.

Edging - It gives some neat touches to the sides of the lawn. It is applied to flowerbeds or driveways. It allows in creating crisp edges to the lawn and remove the overhanging blades of grass and debris.

Scything - It is suitable for working on the longer grasses. It covers large areas quickly. User needs to swing the trimmer in circular U shaped motion to trim the grass. User needs to be in a steady posture to get proper and even cut.

Ferm GTM1003 - 2 Ah, 20 V Li-ion Cordless Grass Trimmer - It has a saw blade length of 58 cm. This electric grass trimmer is suitable for pruning the medium-sized grass. User can easily adjust the height and angle with the help of tap and go cutting system. It has a soft-grip handle that works on a cordless Li-ion technology.

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