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Glues & Bonding Agents

Shop top quality Glues & Bonding Agents at best price on Shakedeal. Purchase Glues & Bonding Agents from various leading brands like 3M, Bambalio, Camlin, Faber Castell & Generic - shop Glues & Bonding Agents Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Glues & Bonding Agents online at lowest prices in India

Glues & Bonding Agents are used to fasten two surfaces together to create a smooth bond. It is treated with heat, pressure and time to join the items or surfaces. It has more benefits and binding techniques than sewing, fastening or welding.

Various types of bonding agents:

Instant glue - It is suitable to use on various materials like rubber, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, hardwood, etc. User doesn’t need to heat or mix the compound and instead use it instantly to glue the surfaces. Also, it does not require any fastener, jig, nail or fitting to stick the items.

Epoxy Adhesive glue - It has a high shear and peel strength that is suitable for gap filling and bonding dissimilar substrates.

Glue stick - It is mainly used to stick paper and card together. It is suitable for craft design, school and office use. It is a form of solid adhesive in a twist or push up tubes.

Super glue - It is preferred to form a strong bond on materials like metal, ceramic, leather, rubber, vinyl, plastic. It is preferred for long-lasting repair in less time. It is resistant to temperature and moisture. It comes in liquid or gel form.

Hot glue - It is a hot melt adhesive made up of thermoplastic compound. It is suitable to use with both porous and non-porous substrates. It solidifies by cooling and sometimes by the presence of moisture of UV light.

White glue - It is polyvinyl acetate used for art and craftwork. It is applicable over cloth, cardboard, paper, wood, porous substrate, etc.

Our top-selling glues and bonding agents:

Camlin Kokuyo - 150 ml Adhesive Paste - It is used for office use, arts and crafts. It binds fast and permits precise application. It is non-toxic and safe for children to use. It bonds very strongly and dries instantly. It is eco-friendly and easy to apply.

Loctite 401 - 20 grams Cyanoacrylate Super Glue - It is suitable for materials that bonds with more difficulty. It is applicable on plastic, metal or elastomer, wood, leather and fabric. It can withstand temp up to 120-degree celsius.
Araldite - 90 grams Klear Epoxy Adhesive Glue - It is one of the high performance and strongest glues. It is impact resistant and waterproof adhesive. It is chemical and oil resistant as well.

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Glues & Bonding Agents Price List in India 2022

Best Glues & Bonding Agents Models Price
WD-40 - 420 ml Multi Use Product Spray 253
Araldite - 7 grams Rapid Setting Epoxy Adhesive Glue (Pack of 10) 557
Araldite - 270 grams Standard Epoxy Adhesive Glue (Pack of 4) 2,273
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