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Gas Detectors

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Gas detectors are the form of sensors used in the fire protection system. It is the device that detects the presence of gas around the area. It is the type of safety equipment used to detect the gas leakage or other emission that can interface with the control system to avoid unwanted mishap. It comes with an alarming sound or siren to caution the workers present in the surrounding where gas is leaked. Thus, it is an important device that should be fitted in the industries to save organic lives.

Importance of gas detector sensor at the workplace:

Gas detector alarm can be used for detecting combustible, flammable and toxic gases and reduction in oxygen level. The sensor can detect various gases, namely - methane, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, etc. It is applicable to places like oil rigs, monitor manufacture processes and photovoltaic technology. It is majorly used in firefighting.

Working of gas detector:

It is a sensor used for measuring the concentration of gases in the atmosphere. It works as a reference point or scale. It is possible due to the process of producing the electric current when the chemical reaction occurs with the specific gases. Once the sensor monitors the current, the alarm is activated to inform the user.

Types of gas detectors:

Electrochemical - It allows gases to diffuse through the porous membrane to an electrode. There it is chemically oxidized or reduced. It is used in environments like refineries, gas turbines, chemical plants, etc.

Photoionization - It uses a high photon energy UV lamp to ionize chemicals in the gas. Fixed, handheld and miniature type of PIDs are widely used for industrial hygiene and environmental monitoring.

Infrared - It uses radiation passing through the known volume of gas and energy using the sensor beam is absorbed in certain wavelengths. It is used to detect hydrocarbons. It is commonly used in wastewater facilities, gas turbines, chemical plants, etc.

Semiconductor - It is also known as a metal oxide semiconductor sensor. The detection of gas takes place when the chemical reaction takes place after the gas comes in direct contact with the sensor. It is used to detect gases like hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide, etc.

Ultrasonic - It is mainly used for sensing the external environment where weather condition can easily dissipate the escaping gases. It is applicable for industries like offshore/onshore oil platforms, gas compressor and metering station, gas turbine and power plants.

Holographic - It uses gas reflection to detect changes in a polymer film matrix containing a hologram. It requires illumination sources like white light or lasers, or CCD detectors.

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