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Gardening Tools

Shop high quality Gardening Tools at moderate price on Shakedeal. Buy Gardening Tools from various brands like Apex, Arete, JTC, JE Tech Tool & Groz - shop Gardening Tools Online and buy at best prices.

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Wolf Garten
Wolf Garten RR-EN - Bypass Manual Pruner

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Buy Gardening Tools online at lowest prices in India

The gardening tool is a type of hand instrument used by the gardeners. It is convenient and with various models available for weeding, planting, raking or pruning. These range of clippers are preferred for agriculture and horticulture. Bark spuds, tongs, and hooks, hand hoes, hose removers, nozzles and sprinklers, pruning saws, shears, and spoons are various forms of hedge trimmer.

Different types of Gardening Tools available online:

Bark spuds – It is a type of peeler used to remove the bark from felled timber.

Hand trowel – It is used for digging purpose, turn up the earth, or pull out the tightly immersed leaves from the ground. It comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and is made up of plastic or wood handles with stainless steel.

Pruning shears/Tree Pruners – Pruning shears is usually used for harvesting fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It is used for a lot of cutting and trimming jobs on the farm or park.

Hand hoes – It is used while preparing the park for plantation. It consists of the blade which is perpendicular to the handle for weeding, chopping and spreading compost in tight places. It can also be used for digging narrow and shallow trenches for planting.

Hose and spray nozzles – Hose is used for watering the plants. Spray nozzles are adjustable in addition to the hose. With the help of this, you can save water by using it appropriately within the park area. Various spray nozzles come with different spray patterns.

Pruning saws – Pruning saws are used for cutting branches in tight spaces, especially small trees, and shrubs.

Spades- It is usually a short handled shovel which is made up of rectangular blade and a perpendicular D handle for an extra grip while digging process. It is mostly preferred for slicing through stubborn roots and moving loose soil.

Bow rake - It is usually used to gather or clear loose debris around the garden and is made up of sturdier steel. Preferred applications of this tool are weeding, leveling soil and spreading loose materials.

Weed Puller - It comes in a bevy of different styles and shapes. The process is to entangle the weed into the clamp and then pull. Some types come with a leverage bar for the user to pull the weeds out at an angle.

Dandelion digger - It is the finesse tool for pulling out the smallest weeds living amongst the plants. It is a handheld weed puller that looks like a long flat head screwdriver, ut there is a split end to help entangle the weed.

Also, there are few of the other types like hedge clipper sets, garden hand tools, gardening gloves, pruning secateurs, hose removers, garden shears, garden scissors, garden power tools, etc.

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kisankraft gardening tools, aro gardening tools, jtc gardening tools, Makita gardening tools, pye gardening tools are some of the best brands that we are associated with us. A few of our best-selling products are pye 2107-pruning shear, kisankraft kk atp 9210-2.4 meters’ telescopic tree pruner, pye-2105 pruning saw, aro-drip moulded spoon-ldp179, jtc 1253-hose remover.

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Gardening Tools Price List in India 2022

Best Gardening Tools Models Price
KisanKraft KK-ATP-9210 - 2.4 Meter Telescopic Tree Pruner 1,219
KisanKraft KK-IRIS-2021 - 3/4 Inch Male Threaded Impulse Sprinkler (Pack of 6 Pcs) 1,163
KisanKraft KK-IRIS-2020 - 3/4" Male Threaded Impulse Sprinkler (Pack of 6 Pcs) 1,263
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