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Fire Resistance Blankets

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Fire Resistance Blankets are the fire protection devices that are used for extinguishing the initial fire. It has the sheet of fire retardant material that is placed over the fire to smother it. The small fire blanket is made up of fibreglass or kevlar that is used in the kitchen or around the home. They are the form of non-flammable blanket that can withstand up to 900 degrees. The large fire blanket is used in labs or industrial areas. It requires very less space to store the fire retardant blankets.

What are fireproof blankets?

Fire blankets are made up of heat resistant fabrics that can bear high temperature at severe heat environments. They are applicable for various applications in the form of welding curtains, industrial blanket rolls, removable insulation covers, and custom formats. Fire blankets provide the best protection from welding sparks and fumes, slag and drops of molten metals. They come in different sizes and colours. It protects the lives, goods and items from the fire outbreak. It is used in the area of welding tasks. The curtains are used to prevent the radiant heat around the areas like a furnace, boiler, etc. The uncoated fibreglass, silica type, neoprene coated and graphite coated blankets are available in the market.

Some of its features include -

Thermal protection - It is used to provide protection against accidents, injuries, property damage, sparks, fumes, splatters, etc.

Types of applications - It is used to protect the furniture, flooring, wood railings, molten metals, welding heat, etc.

Long-lasting material - It is made from high-quality fibreglass material for maximum thermal protection. Thus, it can be used from light to heavy-duty welding applications.

Wear and tear-resistant - Due to its tight weaving pattern, the blanket remains bounded and thus cannot get wear off easily. Also, it has high durability.

Compact size - It comes in a compact size and thus it is easy to transport. As it can be folded easily, the quick organization is possible of the fire safety blanket.

Best selling fire-resistant blanket:

Midas FB 004 - 1.8 x 1.8 m Fire blanket Fabric Rolls Heat Tyreated 378 - It is a fabric roll heat treated blanket used for controlling fire outbreak. It is used for various applications like an electric appliance, transport, chemical industry, heat insulation, fire prevention, etc.

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