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Fire Extinguishers

Shop guaranteed Fire Extinguishers at feasible price on Shakedeal. Buy Fire Extinguishers from assorted brands like Agni Safedge, Gaby & Safety First.

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Buy Fire Extinguishers online at lowest prices in India

Fire Extinguisher is a form of fire protection used for stopping or controlling small fires. It is used in an emergency situation. It is not suggested to use for major outbreak of the fire. The system consists of a handheld cylindrical pressure vessel that holds the controlling agent that is used to extinguish the fire.

Types of fire extinguisher:

ABC Fire extinguisher - It uses mono-ammonium phosphate as a dry chemical agent to extinguish the fire by smothering the flames. It can be used for stopping all types of fire.

Carbon Dioxide based - It is mainly used for class B fire, i.e. flammable liquids and gases and class C fire, i.e. energized electrically. It is filled with non-flammable carbon dioxide gas. It has a hard horn an lack of pressure gauge. It extinguishes the fire by taking away the oxygen element from the fire triangle and removal of heat with a cold discharge.

Clean agent fire extinguisher - It is the form of halon agent used for extinguishing fire by interrupting the chemical reaction and removing heat from the fire triangle. It is applicable for class A, B and C fires.

Mechanical foam - Foam agents are used by this device to separate the oxygen element from the other elements. It is basically used to remove the heating element from the fire triangle.

Modular automatic - It uses sprinkler technology. It is an ideal option for protection of the computer area, ATM Center, server room, transformer, garage, marine engines, hotels, etc.

Portable Fire extinguisher - It has an extinguishing agent used for cooling down burning fuel, remove oxygen or stop the chemical reaction. After compressing the handle of fire extinguisher, the agent is expelled from the nozzle.

Water Mist - It is the best replacement of clean agent extinguisher to solve the concern of contamination. It is basically used for class A fires. However, they can be used for class C fires as well.

Our top-selling Fire extinguisher available online:

Gaby GF/ABC 1 - 1 Kg ABC Type Fire Extinguisher - It is BIS approved, and CE certified device. It has a high-quality pure polyester powder coating with a controlled discharge. The device comes with a unique gauge testing system.

Gaby GF/ABC 4 - 4 Kg ABC Type Fire Extinguisher - It has a brass nickel plated head that can work with the simple squeeze operation. It comes with a high-quality EPDM rubber braided hose that is less prone to cracks.

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Fire Extinguishers Price List in India 2022

Best Fire Extinguishers Models Price
Gaby GF/CO2 4.5 - 4.5 Kg CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher 5,265
Gaby GF/ABC 6 - 6 Kg ABC Type Fire Extinguisher 1,666
Gaby GF/ABC 9 - 9 Kg ABC Type Fire Extinguisher 1,799
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