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Feeler Gauges

Buy orginal Feeler Gauges at best feasible price. Shop Feeler Gauges from assorted brands like De Neers, Groz, Insize, JCB, JE Tech Tool, Mitutoyo & Toptul

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De Neers
De Neers - 26 Blades Feeler Gauge

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What are the feeler gauges in testing and measuring instruments?

Measuring and layout tools are type of marking tool used in laying out work pieces to scribe lines, centre punch and measure lengths, angles and circles.

Feeler gauges are one of the types of measuring and layout tools. It is a tool used to measure gap widths. They are mostly used in the engineering field to measure the clearance between the two parts. They are made up of multiple small lengths of steel of different thicknesses with measurements marked on each piece. The length of steel is usually called as leaves or blades but having no sharp edges. The taper is one of the types of feeler gauges. They are in tapered form, as opposed to parallel, shape. The blade of gauges is of a constant thickness, and two types of gauges are used in a similar way.

Types of feeler gauge range available online:

Go No Go feeler gauge – It has a thick base and thin tip. This thinner end can go into the gap, whereas the thicker body will not go.

Metric feeler gauge – It provides the measurement in hundredths of a millimeter.

Imperial feeler gauge – It gives measurements in thousandths of an inch.

Tapered feeler gauge – It has leaves that thin out towards the tip.

Straight leaf feeler gauge – It has leaves that are consistently parallel.

Other types of feeler gauge based on other different parameters are the feeler gauge set, 28 leaves feeler gauge, 13 leaves feeler gauge,13 blades feeler gauge.

Important parameters to be considered while selecting the feeler gauges:

Size of feeler gauge – It is based on the number of blades e.g., 10, 13, 20, 28. The thickness of blades is usually in fractions of mm and inches, typically ranging from 0.03 mm to 1 mm.

Parts of feeler gauge – It consists of the body i.e., is a protective case and cluster of blades with different thicknesses. These parts are usually made of steel; thus, they are corrosion-free and don’t rust easily.

Extensive collection of high-quality brands available online for feeler gauges just at Shakedeal:

Best-selling brands for feeler gauges: mitutoyo feeler gauges, stanley feeler gauges, insize feeler gauges, kristeel feeler gauges, gedore feeler gauges

Top-selling feeler gauge's products: Mitutoyo 184 301-0.05 to 1mm, Mitutoyo feeler gauge 184-303, 13 Leaves Feeler Gauge, Stanley feeler gauge 70115-S, Insize 4602 17 - 0.02 to 1.00 mm Feeler Gauge, Insize 4605 20-0.05 to 1.00 mm 295 mm Length Long Feeler Gauge, Kristeel FG 27 - 27 Blades Feeler Gauge. To buy the best feeler gauges do visit our website www.shakedeal.com.

General tips for correctly using the feeler gauges:

See to it that blades are placed in such a way that they are easily pushed to and fro and are not too tight or too loose while moving.

To have an error – less measurement user should make sure that the blades are free of dirt or grease.

To maintain the quality of blades for a longer time, apply the motor oil after every use of the gauge.

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Feeler Gauges Price List in India 2022

Best Feeler Gauges Models Price
Mitutoyo 184 301S - 0.05-1mm, Straight 13 Leaves, Thickness Gauges 2,399
Insize 4602 32 - 0.03 to 1.00 mm Feeler Gauge 351
Mitutoyo 184 303 - 0.05- 1mm, 28 Leaves Feeler Gauge 3,992
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