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Fall Protection

Shop assured & durable Fall Protection at afforable price now on Shakedeal. Buy Fall Protection from ledaing brands like Lifegear, Mallcom, Heapro, Alko Plus & Karam - shop Fall Protection Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Fall Protection online at lowest prices in India:

Fall protection is the form of safety equipment. This safety equipment also includes safety shoes, safety helmets, earmuffs, safety goggles, safety gloves, dust masks, raincoats, etc. It is used for safeguarding the workers against the potential hazards and risks. It is primarily used to ensure the safety of personnel in various work-sites across different industries.

High-quality fall protection available online:

Fall protection is the type of system that is used to protect the workers from falling and to stop them without causing severe injury. It helps workers to protect from issues like falling off overhead platforms, elevated work station, or into holes in the floors and walls. There are various types of fall protection such as -
Fall elimination - It helps in finding ways of completing tasks without working at heights.
Fall prevention - Fall guarding is used as barricades to prevent a person from falling. It is placed near an edge where fall hazard can happen. Fall restraint is to prevent the worker from falling or approaching the edges.
Fall arrest - It is the type of protection where it stops the person who is in the process of falling.

Various types of fall protection equipment online:

Fall arresters - It is used after the worker is fallen. It stops the fall before the worker is hit to the ground surface. These systems use a body holding device to a reliable anchor.
Safety Harness Belt - It is the form of attachment between a stationary and non-stationary object. It is usually fabricated from rope, cable or webbing and locking hardware. It is combined with the shock absorber and is used to regulate deceleration when the end of the rope is reached.
Hooks and connectors - They are mainly used in industries like logistics and iron steel production. It is used for moving heavy loads. It also helps in protecting the person when working at a certain height.
Lanyards - It is a form of a short section of webbing or cable that is usually attached to the D ring of the workers' safety harness. It has a shock-absorbing feature that connects to a fall protection anchor point.
Safety nets - The net that is used to protect workers from injury after falling from heights. This is done by limiting the distance they fall and deflect to dissipate the impact energy.

Top brands for fall protection:

There are different leading brands like Lifegear, Mallcom, heapro, alko plus and karam that offers you with the reliable fall protection products. Few of our best selling equipment includes -
Alko Plus APS 157 - Karabiner - It is made up of alloy steel. It is used to connect components in a safety-critical system. It has a good gear holding capacity. They are mainly used by the technician. They are long-lasting, strong, and versatile.
Alko Plus APS-403 - Full Body Harness - They are used when there is a real danger of a vertical fall. It is helpful for suspension in the air. It helps to spread the impact of fall equally all over the body to maintain a stable posture.

Fall Protection Price List in India 2022

Best Fall Protection Models Price
Karam KI02 - Full Body Harness Safety Belt with 2 Meter Restraint Twisted Rope Double Lenyrad (PN206) 1,518
Arcon ARC 5123 - Full Body Harness with Double Polyamide Rope and Shock Absorber 1,562
Lifegear SKED200 - 8 Kg Sked Stretcher 119,431
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