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Face Protection

Shop assured & durable Face Protection online on Shakedeal. Buy Face Protection from various leading brands like Honeywell, Athermal, Karam, Prima & Udyogi - shop Face Protection Online and buy at best prices.

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Karam ES 51 (01) - Face Shield

59 % OFF
Karam ES 71 - Welding Shield

35 % OFF

Buy Face Protection online at lowest prices in India

Face protection one of the type of safety equipment. Safety equipment is used for ensuring maximum protection for your workers. Its prime purpose is to avoid hazards and injuries in the workplace. This hazard is in the form of chemicals, fire, cuts, and abrasion, electric shocks, etc. Safety shoes, safety masks, safety gloves, respiratory equipment, and fall protection are some of the types of safety equipment.

Choose the best safety Face protection online:

Face protection is a protective device to protect both eyes and the rest face part. It prevents serious damage for workers in the construction industry. Face injuries need to be avoided as they prove to be a cause for severe consequences. There are two types of face protection - Face shields and Welding helmets and shields.
Face shields are personal protective equipment type that is used to protect the user’s entire face from hazards such as flying objects, splashes, and debris. It is used with safety goggles and spectacles. It is mainly used by medical professionals, workers at the construction site, and military or law enforcement personals.

Welding helmets and shields are a type of headgear to protect the user from welding fumes. It is mainly used to protect the eyes, face, and neck from flash burns, UV rays, etc. It is commonly used in the welding process like shielded metal arc welding and gas metal arc welding. It is necessary to use welding helmets to prevent eye retina burns and arc eye that can lead to loss of vision. It includes a window covered with a lens shade.

Different leading brands for Face protection:

There are various leading brands like Honeywell, Athermal, Karam, Prima, and Udyogi for face protection equipment. Some of our well-known face protection equipment includes
Prima PFS 03 A - Welding Shield with Helmet - It is made up of polypropylene. It has heat resistant properties preventing the injuries to face and eyes from UV rays, IR lights, flash burns, sparks, etc. It has high efficiency and dexterity.
Honeywell 1002353 - Clearways CV83P Polycarbonate Visor 200mm - It has a safe, practical, economical visor fitting. It ensures ultimate protection against chemicals. It has both high strength and durability. It is light in weight and is comfortable to wear all day long.

Face Protection Price List in India 2021

Best Face Protection Models Price
Karam ES 51 (01) - Face Shield 410
Generic - Pack of 100 Polycarbonate Face Shield 9,331
Karam ES 71 - Welding Shield 479
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