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Eyewash and Safety Showers

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Eyewash and safety shower is the form of eye protection. It is designed to flush the face and eye area. The eyewash station is the combination of a shower and eyewash. It possesses the chemical properties that are used by workers and the task they perform at the workplace.

Eyewash units - They are necessary to implement where the employees handle harmful substances that are hazardous when they come in contact with eyes. It is also needed near the areas where there are corrosive materials. It is suggested for the users to wash their eyes for at least 5 minutes.

Safety showers - It is used in the areas where the highly corrosive or highly toxic chemical may splash over the predicted portion of the body. Large volumes of water are used by the user who is contaminated with hazardous chemicals. It is not recommended to use for flushing the eyes due to the high pressure of water from the shower. As by doing this, users can damage their eyesight.

Basic guidelines of eyewash and safety showers:

Location of eyewash and shower - It should be reachable at 10 secs span of hinder-less travel from the hazardous chemical sites. Thus, ensure that the path to reach the eyewash unit is clear and unobstructed.
Only approved safety equipment usage - Eyewash stations are mounted on sink. Avoid using deluge hoses and sink faucets as Environment, health and safety dept do not approve them.
How to operate safety equipment - It is easy to operate the eyewash unit. It works with a hand-free operation like paddles, levers or pull lever. To turn on and off user needs to reverse the knob.
Ensure the proper functioning of the eyewash unit - It is good to cover the eyewash spouts to maintain the hygiene. Do the regular inspection of units to ensure the proper functioning.
Use the eyewash units for intended purpose only - It is not recommended to use the eyewash unit for cleaning lab or shop equipment, personal objects, etc.

Emergency eye wash operation - It is necessary to use the emergency eyewash immediately when the eyes are exposed to a hazardous chemical.
User needs to fist flush the eyes for about 15 minutes.
Then the user needs to keep the eyes open and rotate the eyeballs in all direction. It will help in removing the contamination from the eyes.
In the case of the extreme condition, you need to call poison control or report the injury or exposure in the hospital.

Emergency shower operation - At the first user needs to flush the affected eyes for 15 minutes immediately. Remove off the contaminated dress, jewellery or footwear to reduce the contamination.
In case of the extreme condition, the user can call UCSD Poison Control or report the injury or exposure at the hospital.

Few best-selling eyewash and safety showers:

Udyogi 4810 GI - Wall Mounted Eye/Face Wash - It is used in various industries for prominent eye protection. It is wall-mounted and portable equipment. Thus, it is convenient to use and helps in reducing the wastage of water and energy. It is robust and durable with the chemical resistance properties. It can be operated independently by a push plate.

Udyogi 4220 GI - Emergency Eye/Face Wash - It ensures a quick and efficient cleansing of harmful contaminants. It operates by means of a push lever. It has twin soft flow atomizer head with aerators to regulate steam and reduce the splash. It is easy to use and stay open type of safety equipment.

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