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End Mills

Purchase genuine End Mills online on Shakedeal. Buy End Mills from leading brands like Addison - shop End Mills Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy End Mills online at lowest prices in India:

End mills are the form of cutting tools. Cutting tools are used for removing the material from the workpiece utilizing shear deformation. It can be done by a single point of multipoint tool type. They are used for turning, shaping, planing or other similar operations. They usually have teeth or cutting edges over it. They are generally hard and can withstand high temperature and force generated during the cutting process. Few of the types of cutting tools include bits, collets, adaptors, drills, blades, saws, tool bits, taps, dies, milling cutters, etc.

Find best end mill cutter online:

It is the form of milling cutter used in industrial milling projects. These milling tools can cut in all directions, unlike the drill bit that can cut only in an axial direction. It is used in applications like profile milling, tracer milling, face milling and plunging. Its various types are based on centre cutting/non-centre cutting, the number of flutes, helix angle, the material used, application type and unique geometry.

Different types of End Mills available online:

End mills come in different types based on structure and application. These types consist of indexable end mills, parallel shank end mills, solid carbide ball nose end mills, solid carbide type with long length and taper shank end mill.

Indexable End Mill - It has an indexable insert with the help of positive cutting edge. It helps in removing the metal by slicing through the material. It prevents the material from getting scraped.

Parallel Shank End Mill - It is used for milling aluminium and light metals. It is preferred for its robustness, corrosion-free feature and dimensional accuracy.

Solid Carbide Ball Nose End Mill - The end of this tool is ground with a full radius equal to half of the tool diameter. It edges are meant for centre cutting. They can be a single or double end. They are usually made up of solid carbide or high-speed steel.

Solid carbide type with long length - It has good wear resistance. It is used for excellent size control. Also, the long length allows the user to reach even the extended areas. It is usually made up of stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous material, etc.

Taper shank end mill - It is widely used for roller chain sprockets. It comes in threaded and flatted shank in regular and long length series. It is made up of high-speed steel and a different number of flutes.

Best brands available for Endmills:

There is a wide range of End Mills brands available online such as Miranda, Totem, Addison, Jon Bhandari, etc. Our top selling genuine end mills comprises of Addison - 5 mm HSS Parallel Shank End Mill and Addison - 7 mm HSS Parallel Shank End Mill -- It is capable of cutting on the periphery and end. It is majorly used for profile milling, facing narrow surfaces, and producing open slots and pockets where plunge feed is not required.

End Mills Price List in India 2022

Best End Mills Models Price
Addison - 20 mm HSS Parallel Shank End Mill 785
Addison - 24 mm HSS Parallel Shank End Mill 965
Addison - 4 mm HSS Parallel Shank End Mill 310
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