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Electrical Equipment is some of the most critical devices in feedback systems, industrial controllers, and power generation. Electrical safety is of paramount importance. Whether it's your home, office, commercial or any establishment, ignoring electrical safety can prove to be fatal. By choosing quality electrical equipment, you can be assured of security as well as efficiency of your electrical systems. Shakedeal hosts quality products which meet all standard electrical safety requirements. Choose Shakedeal for all your electrical needs and get complete peace of mind.

ShakeDeal has a wide range of electrical equipment including wires, cables, changeover switches, sockets, switch gears, relays, circuit breakers, junction boxes, conduits, fittings, wall plates, jacks, extension cords, surge protectors, electrical brackets, capacitors, fuses, stabilizers, voltage regulators, generators, clamps, industrial coolers, power savers, lighting, LED bulbs, fans, and electrical tools and accessories. Portable lighting solutions such as torches, reading lamps, and rechargeable lanterns are suitable for both residential as well as commercial purposes. These rechargeable and portable lighting devices are chosen because they help in cutting down power bills.

Shakedeal has all that you need to complete a wide range of electrical projects. Whether you want to upgrade your lighting system from traditional bulbs to LED bulbs or electrical appliances like fans, Shakedeal has it all. Switching to LED lights makes economic sense because you get better light along with lower power bills.

You can save costs by selecting power efficient electrical systems and equipment wisely. Capacitors, voltage regulators and quality fuses are, therefore, necessary to minimize incidents of short-circuiting eventualities.

ShakeDeal has tied up with brands such as Havells, Siemens, Polycab, etc. to bring you the best electrical goods at competitive prices. In case of bulk requirements, please click on the 'Bulk Buy' button to create a sourcing/negotiation event that can help you avail the best rates from our suppliers.