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Electrical Power Testing

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For secure and reliable operational systems, timely testing and measurement are essential. Therefore, it is necessary to have the appropriate electrical testing and measurement equipment in your kitty. Shakedeal has an excellent collection of electrical testing tools to help you ensure the safety of your electrical systems.

Accurate readings for voltage, resistance and current help in diagnosing the majority of electrical faults and service related tasks and digital multimeters just fit the bill. Analog multi-meters are used for testing 1.5 volt and 9 volt batteries. The testing options usually available are 2.5, 10, 50, 250 and 300-Volt DC testing. They are known for depicting accurate AC and DC voltage readings.

Clamp meters club the benefits of a digital multimeter with a current sensor. Clamp meters are known for convenience and safety as you do not need to shut off the circuit for testing purposes.

Insulation testers are safe, easy to use and noise free. They are the perfect tool for preventative maintenance tasks.

OHM meters have a wide and easy to read display. They are simple and easy to use. OHM meters are used to measure electrical resistance. Micro - ohmmeters are used for detecting low resistance readings whereas Megohmmeters can read large values of resistance.

Power and energy meters measure the rate of flow of power in watts. They are used to track power consumption and power quality.

Electrical test kits usually comprise of a multimeter, a non-contact voltage tester, and a receptacle tester. The non-contact voltage tester is used to recognize standard voltage in circuits breakers, wires, and outlets. Some of the non-contact voltage testers come with a flashlight as well so that functioning is not impacted even in poor light conditions. The receptacle tester is used to diagnose common wiring problems. The test kit accessories include batteries.

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