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Electrical Appliances

Buy quality Electrical Appliances at moderate price on Shakedeal. Purchase Electrical Appliances from wide extent of various brands like Almonard, Bajaj, Crompton & Power Cell - shop Electrical Appliances Online and buy at best prices.

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Orbit 1610 - 70 W, 3 Blades Wall Fan

49 % OFF
Orbit - White Hercules Pedestal Fan

36 % OFF

Buy Electrical Appliances online at the best prices in India

Electrical Appliance is a mechanical machine that possesses a particular function. It is usually used in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The appliances can either be handheld/portable or stationary based on the type of usage. It has 3 main categories, namely – consumer electronics, small appliances and large appliances. The main objective of an electrical device is to simplify complex work by saving time and adding convenience. These electric appliances include a microwave oven, toaster, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc. Some of its common categories include household appliances, kitchen, personal care, consumer, etc.

Various types of Electrical Appliances for your home:

Ceiling fans – It is a mechanical fan that is mounted over the ceiling of the room. It has rotating blades for circulating the air around the space. Ceiling fans add the wind chill effect within the room.

Table fans - It is a feasible option to ensure that your home gets the much-needed freshness. They provide your home with the right ventilation and without the hassle of installation. These easy-to-use table fans come in various shades and styles.

Microwave Ovens – It is used to cook food by converting electrical current to high energy waves through magnetrons. Solo, convention, grill, OTG and built-in are some of its types. While the factors to consider before buying the oven are size, brand, power rating and additional features.

Washing Machines – It is used to wash the laundry clothes that use water for the cleaning process. There are different types of washing machines like fully automatic, semi-automatic, front load and top load. While buying a washing machine, things to consider are load capacity, machine setting options, spin cycle, and energy efficiency.

Televisions – It is a telecommunication medium that is used for advertising and entertainment purposes. The device is an electronic system that converts light and sound into visible and audible motion pictures. Users also get information related to current affairs, discovery, lifestyle, cooking shows and kid’s shows.

Water Heaters – It is used for heating the water. A few of its types include a solar heater, gas-based heater, immersion rod and storage water heater. A geyser is a natural hot water source. The size and capacity, corrosion resistance, number of people using the geyser, and vertical & horizontal model type are some points to consider before selecting the water heater/geyser.

Tower Fans – It is a home appliance used for cooling the space and offers the proper ventilation to your room. Tower fans also help in maintaining the humidity of the area. The device comes with a variable speed setting to adjust the speed of cooling. It is suitable for both domestic and industrial use.

High-quality brands of Online Shopping for Electrical Appliances:

Bajaj – It is a well-known household name that stands for superior quality and style. They manufacture Table fans, Wall mounted fans, Pedestal fans, and exhaust fans. Bajaj fans have good cooling and energy efficiency. They also add aesthetic value to your space.

Crompton – Crompton fans are preferred for their efficient performance and stylish designs. They come with either 3 or 4 blades and are very easy to clean and maintain. In addition, fans come with the knob to change the speed and direction of the fan rotation.

Finolex – It has a complete range of water heaters that comes with unique & attractive designs. It is a combination of safety, performance and energy-saving features. The new models come with a 6 level HEXA Protection Technology to ensure complete safety.

Orpat – It is a well known Indian brand that manufactures home and kitchen appliances. For office use, it makes the appliances like landlines, emergency lights, etc. The products have a very simple design and still an elegant look. Some of the preferred orpat appliances include irons, kettles, blenders, telephones, toasters, etc.

Wide collection of best quality Electrical Appliances online from top brands at Shakedeal

Electrical Appliances Price List in India 2022

Best Electrical Appliances Models Price
Almonard - 18 Inch, 100 W, 3 Blade Adjustable Height Air Circulator Green Pedestal Fan with Regulator 6,876
Bajaj Farrata Tez MK II - 450 mm, Black Pedestal Fan 2,669
Bajaj Ultima PT01 - 200 mm, White Table Fan 1,093
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