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Electric Kettles

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Morphy Richards
Morphy Richards Rapido - 1.8 L Electric Kettle

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DesignNest - Multi Use Power Cooker

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DesignNest - Smart Home Water Cooker

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Morphy Richards
Morphy Richards Impresso - 1 L Electric Kettle

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Electric Kettle is a form of home appliance that keeps the drinking water warm for a long time. It heats the water using electricity. It simplifies your process of heating and boiling the liquids instantly. The kettle comes with a heating element that is fully enclosed with a standard power rating of 2-3 k.

Features and Benefits to consider while selecting the Electric Kettle:

Auto shut down feature – It is a type of safety feature that helps in preventing the accident. It is helpful in case the user forgets to turn off the appliance after using it.

Energy-efficient – It uses less energy to boil or warm the water than a traditional stove kettle.

Precision – It is useful while preparing the tea or coffee at the required right temperature and release the right flavours.

Size and Weight – The size of the kettle determines the capacity and counter space of the appliance. Thus, it helps to know how much water can be stored in the kettle at a time. It requires less space than the microwave and traditional stove kettle.

Noise – Electric kettle doesn’t make much noise and has an alarm beep once the water is boiled completely.

Material – Kettles are usually made of materials like glass, metal or plastic. Plastic material doesn’t get hot from the outside very quickly. The combination of glass and stainless steel proves to be of higher quality as compared to plastic material.

Speed of Boiling – Mostly, the electric kettles boil the water in just 3 or 4 minutes. Speed of boiling is one of the important features to consider in electric kettle appliance.

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Electric Kettles Price List in India 2022

Best Electric Kettles Models Price
Pigeon Kessel - 1.2 litres, 600 W Multi Purpose Kettle 892
Pigeon Amaze Plus - 1.5 litres, Black Electric Kettle 543
Bajaj KTX 15 - 2000 W, 1.7 litres, Black Travel Electric Kettle 1,536
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This data was last updated on 08/17/2022