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Eastman drill machine is the ultimate choice for DIY projects. It is sturdy in construction and has a long life motor. It is known for delivering a high level of performance. User can operate this machine for both drilling and hammering purposes. They are used both at homes as well as workshops. They are highly reliable for working in different environments.

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It has a sturdy double shell housing with a long-life motor. It has a depth stop gauge with a minimal spindle stopping time. Also, the machine has a high torque with plenty of power in reserve. Usually, the drill is compact in size and low in weight. The latest models include a rubber-padded grip that allows the users to use the machine for a long time without experiencing any fatigue.

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Eastman Electric Drill - It is a suitable option for fast and efficient drilling with a powerful motor embedded in the system. It is a common choice for carpenters, plumbers, and electricians to create the holes in different materials like steel and wood. For safety purpose, it has double insulation and double-shell housing for the machine.

Eastman Impact Drill - It has an ergonomic design that offers the user a comfortable grip. Also, it has a low power consumption that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the drilling functions. It has a double insulated plastic body that protects the user against the electrical shocks occurrences.

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