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Buy Dustbins online at the lowest prices in India

The dustbin is essential cleaning equipment. It is crucial to have garbage bins to maintain cleanliness, safety and health both at your workplace and at home. It helps you to keep your building cleaner and neater. Every home or office must get the right size of dustbins and adequate containers. The modern garbage dustbins are made up of various sturdy materials like stainless steel, plastic, wood or other metals. There are two types of dustbins – indoors and outdoors. The big-sized dustbins come with rollers, wheels, and unique tops for easy handling. There are different top forms like flip flops, removable, circular, square, rectangular and vented types.

Benefits of buying the dustbin online:

You can find the most relevant dustbins for your company’s waste management process.
There is an availability of an extensive dustbins range of inventory for selection.
It is very easy to get wholesale pricing and volume discounts in case of bulk purchases.
Customers get superior service and prompt delivery to your doorstep in online shopping.

Different types of dustbins are available online:

Based on material classification:
Plastic – It is normally strong and can withstand rough use. Thus, it stays better for a longer time. Plastic bins can be placed in kitchens, rooms, washrooms and gardens.
Metal – Aluminum – It is solid, light and rust-free. The aluminium bins can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.
Iron bins have a high degree of strength and long life expectancy.
Stainless steel dustbin doesn’t get scratched easily and is thus ideally used in healing centres.

Based on colour classification:

Green – It is applicable for dumping biodegradable waste. That includes wet garbage, leftover meal, veggies/fruits remaining, eggshells and chicken/fish bones.
Yellow – It is mainly used for garbage like papers and glass bottles.
Blue – It is used for throwing dry and recyclable waste. This waste includes plastic bags, bottles, papers, wrappers and cartons.
Black – This is used for domestic hazardous waste like sanitary napkins, diapers, blades, bandages, broken batteries, expired medicines, etc.

Best dustbin models available on Shakedeal:

Kleeno - 20 litres Duo Wet and Dry Dustbin A PP injection moulded product with an aesthetic look. The dustbin has a smooth paddle that is easy to open and remove. Kleeno dustbin is suitable for dumping both dry and wet garbage. The bin comes with two handles that are useful for emptying and cleaning purposes.
Kleeno CDB 60 - 60 litres, Green Dustbin It has a strong and durable body that helps to enhance the appearance of the area. The plastic dustbin helps to keep the surroundings clean and hygienic. Kleeno green dustbin is made up of plastic material.

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Dustbins Price List in India 2022

Best Dustbins Models Price
Kleeno - 20 litres Duo Wet and Dry Dustbin 1,110
Kleeno CDB 60 - 60 litres, Green Dustbin 1,014
Kleeno - 35 litres Duo Wet and Dry Dustbin 1,554
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This data was last updated on 05/21/2022