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Drills form an essential part of every DIY project. Whether you are an amateur or professional, you would need drills at some stage of your project because these tools are multi-functional and are useful in multiple ways. Choosing the right drill for your project becomes easier if you know about the types of drills and the purpose they are used.

There is a wide variety of drills available in the market. You need to select the one which suits your requirements. You can choose from the following:


Power Drills: Power drills come in two major variants - cordless and corded. Corded drills are better regarding torque they generate and are cost-effective as compared to cordless drills. Cordless drills offer portability because the wire does not bind them.


Drill Drivers: These drills are designed primarily for drilling holes and driving screws.


Hammer Drills: These drills, as their name suggests, have in-built hammering capability to facilitate drilling into masonry and other tougher materials.


Right Angle Drills: These drills are suited for drilling in closed spaces. Hitachi and Makita create the best right angle drills.


Popular Right Angle Drills:

1. Hitachi D10VST - 10mm, 450W Drill
2. Makita DA3010F - 10mm Angle Drill


Impact Drivers: These drills allow frequent changing of drill bits and offer better torque than standard drills.


Popular Impact Drills:

1. Bosch GSB 451 - 450W Impact Drill
2. Hitachi DV13VSS - 13mm Impact Drill
3. Dewalt DWD022 - 550W Impact Drill
4. Makita TD0101 - 100Nm Impact Driver


Rotary Hammer Drills: These drills are used to drill holes in tiles and masonry.


Best-Selling Rotary Drills:

1. Stanley STDR5510 - 550W 10mm Rotary Drill
2. Dewalt DWD014 - 550W Rotary Hammer Drill
3. Bosch GBM 6 - 350W Professional Rotary Drill
4. Josch JD 131 - 800W 13mm Drill