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Drilling Machines

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Drilling Machines

Type of Drilling Machines:

Power Drill Machines: These machine pocket-sized powerhouse machines designed to carry out functions similar to standard drills. They are widely popular because they are easy to use and can be carried anywhere without any hassle. Foster FPD 650RE - 450 W Power Drill Machine is one of the top-selling power drill machines.

Magnetic Drilling Machines: Magnetic drilling machines are popularly known as adsorption drilling machines. These machines are equipped with an electromagnet that can be adsorbed on the steel components for drilling tasks. It is used for tough drilling tasks. The electromagnets in these machines come with a standard protective switch to ensure user safety. Dongcheng DJC16 - Magnetic Drill is one of the top-selling magnetic drilling machines.

Magnetic Core Drilling Machines: These machines are relatively more compact than magnetic drilling machines and are equipped with a magnetic core drill meant for vertical and overhead tasks. Eibenstock KBM 42 - 42mm, 1100 W Magnetic Core Drill is one of the top-selling magnetic core drilling machines.

Impact Drilling Machines: Impact drilling machines are designed for heavy-duty tough jobs. They have a prominent compact structure but score high on power and durability. These machines are equipped with a robust motor with forward and reverse release capability. The reverse rotation feature of chuck allows the machine to be used for driving screws. Impact drilling machines can drill holes in wooden materials as well as brick walls with effortless ease. When paired with HSS bits, they can drill holes in metal surfaces as well. Foster FID 13RE - 600 W Impact Drilling Machine is one of the top-selling impact drilling machines.

Drill Press: These machines are equipped with a laser to enable accurate alignment for the drilling location. They have fast speed setting capability thanks to the quick belt tension release knob explicitly designed for the purpose. They have variable speed options up to 12 stage speed. Hitachi B16RM - 750W Drill Press is one of the top-selling drill press machines in the marketplace.