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Drilling Machines

Shop powerful Drilling Machines at best price on Shakedeal. Shop Drilling Machines from numerous leading brands like BDS, Dewalt, Dongcheng, Hikoki & Eibenstock.

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Dongcheng DJC30 - 30 mm, 900 W Magnetic Drill

37 % OFF
Dongcheng DJC16 - 16 mm, 900 W Magnetic Drill

41 % OFF
Dongcheng DJC23 - Magnetic Drill

22 % OFF
Hi Max
Hi Max IC 066 - 10 mm Drill Machine

39 % OFF

Buy Drilling Machine online at lowest prices in India

It is a type of tool primarily used for making round holes or fasteners. These pocket-sized powerhouse engine is designed to carry out functions similar to standard tool bits. They are widely popular because they are easy to use and can be carried anywhere without any hassle. Foster FPD 650RE - 450 W Power Drill Machine is one of the top-selling products.

Types of Drilling Machines for industrial and DIY project applications:

Magnetic Drilling Machines: It is popularly known as adsorption type motor device. These engines are equipped with an electromagnet that can be adsorbed on the steel components for performing the piercing. It is used for tough penetrating tasks. The electromagnets in these machines come with a standard protective switch to ensure user safety. Dong cheng DJC16 - Magnetic Drill is one of the top-selling type of product.

Magnetic Core type: These gadgets are relatively more compact than above mentioned type and are equipped with a magnetic core drill meant for vertical and overhead tasks. Eiben stock KBM 42 - 42mm, 1100 W Magnetic Core Drill is one of the top-selling products.

Impact rotary tool: It is designed for heavy-duty tough jobs. It has a prominent compact structure but score high on power and durability. This equipment is equipped with a robust motor with forward and reverse release capability. The reverse rotation feature of chuck allows the tool to be used for driving screws. It can penetrate holes in wooden materials as well as brick walls with effortless ease. When paired with HSS bits, holes can be obtained in metal surfaces as well. Foster FID 13RE - 600 W Impact Drilling Machine is one of the top-selling products.

Heavy duty Drill Machine: It is used to create the holes in concrete, heavy duty purpose, metal sheets, glass, plastic, and wood. BDS MAB 455 - 1150W Profi Start Series Heavy Duty Magnetic type, BDS MAB 455 SB - 1150W Swivel Base Profi Start Series Heavy Duty are few of the types available online.

Rotary Hammer Drill Machine: The device that is used for breaking stone, concrete, brick or mortar. The functioning of the hammer tool bit is similar to that of normal one and forward hammering type action.

Drill Press Machine: It is equipped with a laser to enable accurate alignment for the target location. It has a fast speed setting capability thanks to the quick belt tension release knob explicitly designed for the purpose. It has a variable speed options up to 12 stage speed. HitachiB16RM - 750W Drill Press is one of the top-selling product type in the marketplace.

Shop by best brand available online only at Shakedeal:

Foster drill machine kit: It is a combined package including foster variable speed forward reverse impact type complete with accessories and hand tools.

Dongcheng drill machine: This brand tool helps the user to create holes of different sizes in solid materials. It is usually used for screwing and fastening. These are preferred by builders, electricians and plumbers.

Bosch drilling machine: This brand tool allows the user to operate the device with convenience and efficiency. It is a versatile type tool that is suitable for both homes as well as industries and workshops.

Yking drill machine: This brand engine is used for making round holes and driving fasteners. It is commonly used for wood-working, metal working, engine tool fabrication, etc. It is well known for its high efficiency and good piercing capacity.

Eibenstock drill machine: It is preferred as a strong jackhammer for a heavy duty purpose with maximum safety. It normally consists of temperature control, overload cut off and constant speed indication.

Some of our best-selling products are foster fhd 2 26dre - 850 W rotary hammer drill machine, hitachi b16rm - 750w drill press, Eibenstock magnetic core drilling machine - kbm 130, panchal - 13 mm drilling machine, bds mabasic 850 - 110mm, 1800w profi basic series economical magnetic drilling machine.

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Drilling Machines Price List in India 2022

Best Drilling Machines Models Price
Tiger TGP10 Drill - 10 mm Powerful Heavy Copper Winding Electric Drill Machine 736
Dongcheng DJC30 - 30 mm, 900 W Magnetic Drill 11,778
Cutflex YK 10 - 10 mm, 350 W Electric Drill Machine 657
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