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Door Handles

Buy authentic Door Handles at satisfactory price on Shakedeal. Purchase Door Handles from various leading brands like Ozone & Ramson - shop Door Handles Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Door Handles online at lowest prices in India:

Door handles are the form of hardware that can be touched and feel. The other hardware includes door locks, hardware supplies and patch fittings. Hardware supplies are used for installation or repair that includes items for attaching, covering and securing material. Eye pulleys, mirror clips, screw are some of its types. Patch fitting is a frameless glass that has a modern interior and exterior design. They are used in both residential and commercial projects. Door locks and door handles are meant for opening and closing the door and thereby preventing access.

Best door handles available online:

The door handle is also called a doorknob. It is the form of mechanism that is used to open or close the door. There is a backplate over which this door handle is mounted. It can be square or rectangular. There are different types of these door handles.
Lever latch - It is one of the most common forms of the handle lock. The latch is to keep the door shut completely. Lever handle helps in operating the latch.
Lever lock - It is similar to that of the lever latch. It consists of a backplate that has a keyhole cut just below it.
Lever bathroom - It can be locked and unlocked easily from inside by turning the snib.
Lever privacy - It is similar to lever bathroom. It has a similar operation of the lock by turning the snib from inside and unlock from outside in an emergency.
Pull door handles - It is U-shaped handle mostly used in kitchen and drawers. It is made up of stainless steel.

Top-quality brands available for door handles online:

The leading brands like Ozone and Ramson are suitable options for door handles. These brands are easily available online. Some of our demanded door handles include -
Ramson Grub Top - 4-inch Stainless Steel and Black Cabinet Handle - It can be used on the kitchen cabinet, furniture door, cupboard, wardrobe drawers, etc. It has a durable design and fine finish.
Ramson Hero - 8-inch Stainless Steel Mortice Handle - It is made up of stainless steel. It can be used as a bedroom door, main door and entrance door handles. Installation for this door hardware is simple and quick.
Ozone OGH 11 - 25x325mm SSS/PSS and SSS Glass Door Handle D Type - It is the form of pull handle with back to back installation on glass or wooden doors. There is a gasket to prevent contact between glass and metal. It has a supporting washer with raised bevelling on the outer surface.

Door Handles Price List in India 2021

Best Door Handles Models Price
Ozone OGH 55 - 32x600mm SSS/PSS and SSS Glass Door Handle H Type 1,653
Ozone OGH 55 - 25x450mm SSS/PSS and SSS Glass Door Handle H Type 1,462
Ozone OGH 554 ED - 20x40x800mm SSS Glass Door Handle 3,295
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