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Distance Measuring

Shop top quality Distance Measuring at best price. Shop Distance Measuring from numerous leading brands like AEG, Bosch, CEM, Fluke, HTC & Leica.

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Fluke 424 - 100 m Laser Distance Meter

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Uni T UT 387B - Wall Scanner

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Fluke 419 - 80 m Laser Distance Meter

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Buy Distance Measuring online at lowest prices in India

Distance Measuring is a measuring and layout tool that is used for measuring the distance. It is basically used to measure a length, distance or range. Laser distance meter has a large LCD display that can also measure area and volume. This distance meter measures and calculates the distance by transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves. It is applicable for various industries like agriculture, surveying, construction and landscaping, etc. It is known for providing an accurate measurement with the easy process.

Features of Distance meter:

It is mostly used in the industrial sector, construction, carpentry, masonry or locksmiths.
It is easy to use and have a high level of accuracy in the results delivered.
It can measure surface volume, height and distance meters for fixed mounting and multiple applications like position testing, testing coil weight and other industrial work.

Types of distance measuring tools available online:

Laser/Ultrasonic distance meter - It works on the laser beam that is focused on the object that bounces off the surface. The rangefinder checks the reflection and time taken by the light to return.

Range finder - It measures the distance between an observer and objects to identify the physical distance or focusing length of the camera.

Odometer - It measures the distance travelled by the moving vehicle and is mostly used in the automobile sector.

Measuring wheels - It is used for measuring while the user is walking. It can be mechanical or electronic and is available in all units and standards.

Measuring tapes - It is suitable for taking small measurement on a regular basis. The advanced version consists of conversion data, flashlights, LED readouts, calculators, etc.

Pedometers - It counts each step as the person moves based on the movement of a person’s hips.

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Distance Measuring Price List in India 2021

Best Distance Measuring Models Price
Bosch GLM 40 - 40m Laser Distance Meter 3,031
HTC UDM 01 - 18 meter Ultrasonic Distance Meter 832
Bosch GLM 500 - 0.05 to 50 M Laser Distance Meter 4,504
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