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Depth Gauges

Shop most reliable & quality Depth Gauges at ideal price. Buy Depth Gauges from assorted brands like Baker, Insize, Kristeel, Mitutoyo & Precision

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Precision - 0 to 300 mm Vernier Depth Gauge

11 % OFF
Insize 6141 260 - 260 mm Extension Base

10 % OFF
Insize 6141 180 - 180 mm Extension Base

10 % OFF
Kristeel TDG B - Tyre Depth Gauge

14 % OFF
Precision - 0 to 200 mm Vernier Depth Gauge

11 % OFF
Insize 6141 320 - 320 mm Extension Base

10 % OFF

Buy Depth Gauges online at lowest prices in India

Depth Gauges is a type of pressure gauge used for measuring the equivalent depth in water. It is a form of diving equipment used as underwater divers, submarines, and submersibles. It works on an electronic mechanism and has a digital display. Its primary function is to show the time interval of the diver being submerged. It is also used by mechanical engineers, manufacturing engineers, machinists, etc. It measures the depth of the bored cavity, recess, hole, groove or any opening present below the surface level.

Types of depth gauge:

Thread depth gauge - It is used to measure the depth of the thread surface in a hole and its quality. It is easy and convenient to measure 2 times the major thread diameter as compared to the traditional method.

Flush pin depth gauge - It has one moving part and is used to measure the depth of shoulders and holes. It has go/no go functional gauge that rapidly assess the depth of the opening.

Depth rules - It is suitable for precise measurement in a variety of manufacturing, machining, and mechanical engineering application. It is a form of the precision measuring instrument. It is used for measuring the depth of any shape that has a step, groove or slot.

Combination depth angle gauge - It has a head that is graduated both left and right to different angles. It determines the depth and orientation of holes and slots.

Vernier depth gauge - It is used to measure the depth from the surface of reference of an object. The graduation is printed on the surface in linear form. Analog and digital are 2 types of the vernier depth gauge.

Top-selling depth gauge online:

Kristeel TDG S - 50 x 0.1 mm Tyre Depth Gauge - It is used to measure the thread depth of tyres. It is tight enough to avoid the self sliding issue. The plastic sliding knob holds the vernier scale at any point.

Precise - Digital Tyre thread Depth Gauge - It is used to check tyre depth gauge in less time. It is essential for proper braking, cornering and fuel economy. It is easy to use and gives accurate instant results.

Baker K158 3 - 0.1mm Metric Dial Depth Gauge - It is suitable for quick and easy measurements of depths. It comes with the set of extension rods. Also, it is supplied with tungsten carbide contact point for longer life.

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Depth Gauges Price List in India 2021

Best Depth Gauges Models Price
Mitutoyo 293 241 30 - 25-50 mm IP65 Dust and Water Protection Coolant Proof Micrometer without SPC Output Data 8,939
Insize 1145 25A - 25 mm Digital Depth Gauge 2,443
Yuzuki - 0 to 600 mm Vernier Height Gauge 6,618
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