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Deburring Tools

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What are a deburring tools in industrial products?

Deburring tools is a type of hand tools in industrial products that are designed to remove sharp edges and burrs from drilled hole and pipework. It is used to smooth out the rough edges produced during the manufacturing process. It is used to remove the burrs on the front, back or both sides of drilled holes in one pass. There are two types of deburring tools available in the market. One is deburring cutters that are used in machines e.g., pillar drills, lathes. Another type is hand-held drills that are used to remove burrs and sharp edges from edges. Both models come in different sizes and shapes that are usually made from HSS (high-speed steel). It is made in such a way that it is suitable to be used on various materials like plastic, nylon, copper, wood, etc.

Hand deburring tools are traditional type of tool used for

Why is deburring necessary for your metal fabrication projects?

After cutting process the metals usually leave very sharp and rigid edges. Deburring is the process of eliminating these sharp cuts and edges. It is needful to ensure the safety of your workers from getting any injuries or cuts from the sharp edges created.

Wide range of types for deburring tools available online just at Shakedeal:

There are multiple types based on various parameters that are offered by Shakedeal to their customers.

Deburring blade: It is a part of the device with the help of which the user can smooth out the rough burrs and edges.

Stainless steel scraper set: It is a combination of various types of single-edged tool that is used to scrape metal from the surface.

Rigid deburring tool: It is suitably made for plastic pipe and tubing. The material used for manufacturing this tool is high-grade steel with specially designed and long lasting cutting edges.

Double ended deburring tool: It is a tool that helps the user to minimize machine downtime by providing you with twice the tool life in the same device the user is using.

Swivel blades: It is used for fast and easy removal of burrs from the straight edge, curved edge, holes, cross holes, and deep holes. With the help of this tool, you will be able to cover all your heavy-duty deburring needs. You can select the right type based on the workpiece material and dimensions. Few of these blades are made up of tungsten carbide while few are of tin-coated material which lasts for a longer time.

Countersinks - It allows you to chamfer holes, deep holes, and continuous rotation for fast and accurate chamfering. Whenever you drill a hole in a workpiece, a rough edge will appear around the top of the drilled hole. With the help of this tool, you will be able to remove the sharp edges and put a chamfer between the shaft and the surface into which the hole was drilled.

Reversible Countersinks - It is a type of countersinks that works on both the back and front sides of the holes after drilling.

Scrapers - It is commonly used in metal-working industries and to remove irregular metal surface defects high spots on previously machined parts. It removes very little material, but it makes the surface very smooth. It is used for finishing interior and concave surfaces. It is made up of a triangular cross-section obtaining three cutting edges. Special scrapers are available for removing the internal ridges created by the break-through of the hole drilled in the pipes or bushings.

Ceramic Tools - It is a type of solution for many applications on plastics or soft metals. Blades are usually safe with a longer shelf life.

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A few of our best selling products are CP Gratex ABS Plastic D Handle, CP Gratex CS123FLS-48130 Long Shank Countersink For hole Deburring, CP Gratex DT3(M)SD-34034 Deburring Tool, CP Gratex R-10(S)LR - 13200 Deburring Blade, CP Gratex V2-SD - 34104 Rib Deburring Tool.

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