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Cutting Tools

Buy quality cutting tools at economical prices online. Choose from a wide range of cutting tools brands on Shakedeal - Shop Cutting Tools online and buy at best prices.

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Addison - 8 mm HSS Hand Reamer

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Addison - 12.7 mm HSS Hand Reamer

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Buy Cutting Tools online – Choose from Cutting Tools list at Shakedeal.com

Cutting Tools are largely used on workpieces on which a shearing force causes deformation on the work-piece into the intended shape. Cutting Tools can be used with a single point or a multi-point tool and is often used for a variety of purposes, including drilling, boring, milling, cutting, grinding, reaming, etc. ShakeDeal has a wide range of Cutting Tools in the form of bits, blades, end mills, drills, dies, taps, turning tools, etc. from top brands such as Miranda Tools, Totem, Addison, and Jon Bhandari. Apart from these Cutting Tools, ShakeDeal has a wide range of Hand Tools and Power Tools as well.

Get all types of cutting tools at best prices online

1. Drill Chuck

2. Saw Blades

3. Drill Bits

4. Dies

5. End Mills

Glass Cutters: Glass cutters can cut glass up to depths of 3 ram. These cutters can produce accurate cuts with the help of steel wheel. The blade size of glass cutters can vary from 130 mm to 6 inches. Stanley makes glass cutters which are known for their precision. Stanley 14-125 - Glass Cutter is the best-selling model from Stanley.

Utility Knives: Utility knives are used for general purposes. These knives can use fixed or replaceable blades. They are available in a variety of sizes. Workplace utility knives have re- tractable blades made of die-cast metal or special double-edged blades. Taparia, Stanley and Toptul make best utility knives. Some popular models of utility knives are Taparia UK3 - 19mm Utility Knife, Stanley STHT10099-8 - Classic 99Retractable Utility Knife, and Toptul SCAC 1817 - 165 mm Auto Reload Utility Knife.

Hand Saws: Hand saws are commonly used for woodworking and carpentry jobs. They are also known as panel saws. These saws are equipped with a thick blade to facilitate cutting through wooden material.

Types of Hand Saws:

Table saws are hand saws with a long narrow blade of length up to 30 inches. They are widely used for woodworking projects.

1. Pad saws have a narrow blade housed in wooden or metal handles for cutting wooden materials.

2. Keyhole or compass saws are narrow bladed saws capable of cutting ground curves.

3. Rip saws are used for cutting wood along the grain.

4. Pruning saws are the most common of all hand saws and usually have 12-18-inch-long blade toothed on both


5. Veneer saws are two-edged saws coupled with fine teeth for cutting veneer.

Shop for popular cutting tool brands online at Shakedeal

1. BDS Cutting Tools

2. ICFS Cutting Tools

3. Astral Cutting Tools

4. Bosch Cutting Tools

5. Jhalani Cutting Tools

Buy top-selling cutting tools online at Shakedeal

Some popular cutting tools available in the marketplace are as follows:

1. BDS ZBK 116-Gear Rim Drill Chuck

2. Bipico Power Hacksaw Blade

3. BDS MBS 300 - Magnetic Pillar

4. Addison -8.00 mm HSS Taper Shank Twist Drill

5. Schifler 75mm Extension Adaptor

Wide collection of best quality cutting tools online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Cutting Tools Price List in India 2022

Best Cutting Tools Models Price
JK Super Drive - 6 mm Standard Masonry Drill Bit (Pack of 10) 363
JK Super Drive - 8 mm HSS Straight Shank Stub Series Drill Bit (Pack of 10) 8,853
Bosch 2607019442 - HSS R Metal Drill Bit Set 569
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