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Cutters are the most widely used power tools in power tools category. Regardless of the nature of the project, processes like cutting, trimming and chipping are involved at various stages of the project, and that is why cutters form an integral part of any project equipment.

Power Cutters: Power cutters are known for their efficiency in cutting because they have an adjustable handle and allow easier depth adjustment. They are the most stable of all cutters because they have a sturdy metal wheel which improves the centre of gravity of the machine. Makita is one of the leading producer of power cutter. Some of the best-selling power cutters are Makita EK7651H - 355mm Power Cutter and Makita DPC8132 - 400mm Power Cutter.

Tile Cutters: Tile cutters are lightweight and have an adjustable depth to align as per the depth of the cut. Due to their lightweight, these cutters are easier to operate. It is used for cutting marble and other varieties of masonry. It can be employed to make grooves in masonry materials as well. Bosch, Josch, and Stanley make best tile cutters. The popular model from Bosch is Bosch GDC 121 - 1250W Diamond Tile Cutter.

Brush Cutters: Brush cutters are powered by fuel engine and generate a reasonably good amount of torque to execute several cutting functions. They are generally used for cutting grass. Some of the popular brush cutters are produced by Hitachi. E.g. Hitachi CG31EBS - 1.4HP Brush Cutter.

Diamond Cutters: Diamond cutters are used for faster cutting and have both front and rear cutting guides which help in producing cuts quickly. A robust motor powers them so that the machine can generate enough RPM to carry out demanding tasks.

Groove Cutters: Groove cutters, as the name suggests, are used for grooving, ratcheting and rabbeting purposes. They are portable and are easy to use. They produce exceptionally smooth thanks to the powerful motor which generates appropriate RPM for various tasks.