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Cut Off Wheels

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Buy Cut Off Wheels online at lowest prices in India

Cut Off Wheels which are in the shape of the disc also known as parting wheels are self-sharpening wheels that are used to cut, grind and polish. Cut Off Wheels are coated with abrasive material which is used for grinding different ranges. The type, shape, and grit number of abrasive is used to differentiate the material which the cut off wheel is suitable to grind or cut. Grit type is the main factor. Lower the grit number the cutting wheel works better faster, rough grinding. In the same way higher the grit number the better suits for slower grinding with a rough finish.

If you desire to have a good finishing for your metal, then get a Cut Off Wheel immediately.

Get all types of cut off wheels in a single online store available at Shakedeal:

reinforced cut off wheel – It is usually made from high quality abrasive and reinforced with fiberglass net to improve tensile strength. This system helps in preventing the bending of the wheel at high-speed usage. This type of wheel is used for cutting both metal and non-metallic materials.

Depressed centre wheel – This type of wheel is preferred for high efficiency and endurance. It is mainly used for refining welds, removing fragments and dressing metal surface defects.

Thin cutting wheel – This type of wheel is used for cutting almost all types of metals at fast speed and with ease. The prime advantage of this wheel is there is minimum loss of metal with easy cutting.

Wide collection of best quality Cut Off Wheels online from top brands at Shakedeal

Shakedeal in today’s time is one of the best industrial products wholesale distributors. It provides the best quality from the top manufacturers of Cut Off Wheels in India. Here we offer different variations and styles of Cut Off wheels as per customer requirement. Even choosing a high rated Cut Off Wheel can save you a lot of time too. Some of the well-known brands which we have are yuri cut off wheel, dewalt cutting wheel, bosch cutting wheel, makita cutting wheel, eastman cutting wheel. Our best-selling cut off wheels includes Yuri WA 60 Cutting Wheel, Stanley 100x1.2 mm Metal Cutting Wheel, Preab-80x1.5x22.23 mm XL Kut Super Thin Cutting Wheel, Preab-105x1.5x16 mm XL Kut Super Thin Cutting Wheel, Stanley-100x3 mm Cutting Wheel. To know more, you can visit our website and check the cut off wheel price.