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Core Drills

Shop top line Core Drills online on Shakedeal. Buy Core Drills from assorted brands like Dongcheng, Eibenstock, Makita, Metabo & Ralli Wolf

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Buy Core Drills online at lowest prices in India

Core drills are powerful portable machines meant to break the tough materials. It is the preferred choice for drilling small holes in concrete, tiles, masonry, and natural stone. It is suitable for both dry and wet drilling. It is similar to a hole saw that is used to remove a cylinder of material. It is also known as angular cutter used to create holes in the metal. It usually cuts the groove at the periphery of the hole and leaves the solid core at the centre. The most common types are HSS high speed steel , and TCT tungsten carbide tipped.

Types of core drill available online at Shakedeal:

a) Magnetic core drilling machines: It is easy to carry around, powerful cutting motor with a magnetic base. These motors offer better accuracy than hand gimlets and are a far superior alternative to tools such as the blade press. This drilling machine is designed to use twist cutting bits, rotary cutters, milling, and annual cutters. Due to its stable magnetic base and relatively low RPM it is capable of minimizing torque forces generated by bits of large diameter.

b) Semi-automatic type is popular because it saves time and energy and offer more productivity than generic annular cutters.

c) Pneumatic core drilling machines are mostly used in areas where there is an explosion hazard due to electric sparks or fire. The driving force behind this type of device is the compressed air. These devices use a permanent magnet.

d) Diamond core drilling machine – It uses the diamond bits which rotate at the end of the gimlet rod. The opening at the end of the diamond bit allows the solid column of the rock to move up into the pipe and be recovered at the surface. The life of a diamond chisel bit is much longer than the other material. Precise and accurate cutting of the holes is one of its specialties.

e) Concrete drilling machine – This type of device is used for drilling the concrete and usually is a water cooled system. It creates a circular hole in the concrete surface. Concrete broach cutters are designed to cut a circular hole in the concrete and remove out the solid materials.

f) Core drill bits – Cutting tools used to remove the material to create holes in a circular cross-section. It comes in different shapes and sizes for making different types of holes in various materials.

Benefits of using core drills:

Time savings - It proves to be 3 - 4 times faster than conventional chisel bits. It requires no pre-drilling and step drilling before using the device. As it consists of fewer teeth and lesser wear, it can make the holes at higher cutting speed and faster feed rate.

Energy savings - As the device do not have to cut through the complete workpiece, it requires less thrust and thus less energy to operate through the material.

More finishing - Holes made by this device is more finished, precise, and accurate.

Efficient cooling - The cooling of this cutter is internal. The internal lubrication is provided through the hole with the help of a pilot pin. Thus, it makes the device faster and efficient for deep hole drilling.

Re-sharpening - The device can be easily resharpened on the grinding machines and can be re-used for drilling purposes. Re-grinding can be done until the desired cutting length is required by the device.

Buy high quality best-branded core drills that are available online at Shakedeal:

Shakedeal hosts a wide variety of annular cutters from all leading brands such as hilti core drills, makita core drills, metabo core drills, ruhi core drills, dongcheng core drills and many more.

Makita core drills – This brand hole saw is designed to be suitable for all range of surfaces. Makita is the world’s top manufacturer of professional portable power tools.

Hilti core drills – It operates with the help of optimized drive unit with higher performance and higher torque. Cutting bits can be changed quickly and easily.

A few of our most demanded products are dca percussion hammer azg6s, aeg 3800w generator,hilti core drill dd 200, makita dbm131 -130mm diamond-core drill, Hilti dd350 core drill, metabo mag-50-1200-w magnetic core drilling machine.

Know the core drilling machine price in India available at Shakedeal and choose the most suitable options for your business requirements.

Wide collection of best quality Core Drills online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Core Drills Price List in India 2022

Best Core Drills Models Price
Hilti DD-200 - 2600 W Diamond Drilling Machine 484,694
Dongcheng DZZ-90 - 90 mm, 1350 W Diamond Drill 5,000
Eibenstock KDB 350 3 - 3000 W Diamond Core Drilling Machine with Stand 152,504
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