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Core Drills

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Core drilling machines are powerful portable machines meant to drill into tough materials. Types of core drilling machines are listed below:

a) Magnetic core drilling machines: Magnetic core drilling machines are easy to carry around, powerful drilling machines with a magnetic base. These machines offer better accuracy than hand drills and are a far superior alternative to machines such as the drill press. It is designed to uses twist drill bits, rotary cutters, milling, and annual cutters. The drilling machine due to its stable magnetic base and fairly low RPM is capable of minimizing torque forces generated by bits of large diameter.

b) Semi-automatic core drilling machines are popular because they save time and energy and offer more productivity than generic core drilling machines.

c) Pneumatic core drilling machines are mostly used in areas where there is an explosion hazard due to electric sparks or fire. The driving force behind pneumatic core drilling machines is the compressed air. These machines use a permanent magnet.

Shakedeal hosts a wide variety of core drilling machines from all leading brands such as Makita, Eibenstock, Metabo and many more.