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Cordless Drills

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Cordless Drills

Drills are versatile tools and are useful in DIY projects and professional jobs as well. Cordless drills provide flexibility in the handling of the tool because they are not tied down to a wire or cord. The manoeuvrability of hand-held cordless drills is exceptional. Cordless drills are widely used for driving holes and screws. These drills are powered by batteries and are costlier as compared to their corded counterparts.

Cordless Drill Driver with Li-Ion Battery: Hitachi makes the best cordless drill drivers and is powered by Li-Ion batteries. These drills are easy to use and can be used in straight and angled positions with effortless ease. Their maximum lock torque is up to five newton-meter. They feature a prominent adjustable clutch with 21-stage torque capability. These drill drivers have standard LED light illumination feature. The LED light helps in illuminating the work area and is turned on for some time even after the user has released the trigger. Hitachi DB3DL2 - 3.6V is the prevalent model in cordless drill driver category.

Brushless motors power some of the cordless drills. Brushless motors offer better efficiency and consume less power as compared to their brushed counterparts. The outperform the brushed drills by almost twenty-five percent. These drills have a compact ergonomic design are powered by high capacity batteries so that you get more output from these tools. For tasks which require excellent precision and accuracy, cordless drills with an auxiliary handle are chosen because they can help in accurate drilling jobs.

Charger for these cordless drills has a unique dual chemistry charger capability which ensures that energy is conserved when the battery is not being charged. It not only helps in safeguarding battery cells but also prolongs the longevity of the battery. Lithium batteries are the preferred choice for batteries because they are known for delivering performance even in adverse weather conditions.