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Cordless Angle Grinders

Shop powerful Cordless Angle Grinders at best feasible price on Shakedeal. Shop Cordless Angle Grinders from assorted brands like Hikoki & Makita.

Buy Cordless Angle Grinders online at lowest prices in India

Cordless tools are an electrical or electronic device that is powered by a battery or battery pack which can be operated without power cord or cable attached to an electrical outlet to provide mains power.

A cordless angle grinder is one of its types. It is a cordless power tool used for grinding, abrasive cutting, and polishing purposes. Various kinds of cordless grinders like a heavy-duty cordless angle grinder, small cordless angle grinder you can find at Shakedeal.

Performance attributes to be considered for cordless angle grinders:

Cordless angle grinder motor – Power ratings of the engine for various grinders are almost the same. Brushed motors and brushless motors are the types available for this part.

Cordless angle grinder RPM speed – It is one of the vital aspects of a grinder’s performance. High RPM will usually allow the user to work quickly.

Cordless angle grinder battery – Battery is the tools power source, and thus it should be of good quality so that tool proves to be productive. Lithium-ion batteries are well known for fast charging, better capacity, and long-lasting performance.

Cordless Angle Grinders Accessories to improve the tool performance:

Grinder handle – There is an adjustable grip that can be re-positioned by screwing or relocating it as per the requirement.

Grinder wheel and guard – User must know the size of a disc while considering the grinding wheel. Grinder guard is to protect the device from flying particles off the wheel at high speed.

Heat dissipation – While grinding process, there can be an occurrence of heat within the device that can break down the components. If this heat is not handled on time it may result in premature failure and also can reduce the life of the motor. Thus, it is necessary for the user to have a heat dissipation to improve the life and performance of the motor.

Best brands for cordless angle grinders available online at Shakedeal:

A few of the best brands for cordless angle grinders are Makita cordless angle grinder, Hilti cordless angle grinder, Dongcheng cordless angle grinder, Hitachi cordless angle grinder, bosch cordless angle grinder.

Top-selling cordless angle grinders products - Hilti Angle Grinder DCG 180-p, Makita DGA402RFE - 100mm Cordless Angle Grinder, Hitachi G14DSL Cordless Angle Grinder, Bosch GWS 18 V-LI - 18V Professional Cordless Small Angle Grinder.

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