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Buy Communication & Networking Cables online at the lowest prices in India.

Communication and networking cables consist of twisted pair, coaxial cables, fibre optic cable that are majorly used in communication systems. These cables come in different cable construction, speed, bandwidth, and applications. It is mainly used in daily life and also in network construction work. Networking cables are used to connect two or more networking devices like printers, scanners, etc.

Types of Communication and networking cables available online:

CCTV and camera cable - They are mainly used to transmit complete video frequency with an optimized video signal quality. It comes with a number of tools and components.

LAN Cables – It is a type of cable connected with the computers, network switches, and switch to router, modem for internet connection.

Speaker cables – It is used to connect the loudspeaker system with the amplifier. It has three main properties to consider, such as capacitance, inductance and resistance. To decide the speaker cable user's resistance range needs to consider three prime elements: length, cross-sectional area, and conductor material.

Telephone cables - They are a type of coaxial cable that includes an insulating layer made up of a copper woven shield. It is generally used for telephonic home lines and digital subscriber line connections.

Fibre optic cable – It is a form of electrical cable made up of one or more optic fibres. It is preferred for long-distance communication, high-performance data networking and telecommunications. It has higher bandwidth and long-distance data transmission compared to wired cables.

Twisted pair cable – It is mainly used in telephone communications and ethernet networks. It is used for transmitting the data. Twisted pair is a cable made up of 2 separate insulated wires together in a twisted pattern and run them parallel to each other.

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Communication & Networking Cables Price List in India 2021

Best Communication & Networking Cables Models Price
Stanley STHT0 77363 - Inspection Camera 7,886
Quantum QHM495-B - White, 30 MP Hi-Tech Web Camera (Pack of 2) 537
Portronics Auto 17 - Black, Smart Audio Connector 454
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This data was last updated on 12/08/2021